A Look at Fundraising Wristbands

Posted by dee_el07 on 10:33 PM

Wristbands became popular with the primary purpose of raising fund for a certain cause, like the undying fame of yellow colored wristbands by Lance Armstrong. These band used to promote cancer awareness, raised fund to financially support the research of fighting against cancer, and oftentimes became the symbol of every individual, as supporters, to build encourage, faith, strong and motivation to all who are suffering from such dilemma making them stronger and make their life more fulfilling.

People nowadays realized that using silicone wristbands to raise funds, show support for certain cause, or promote awareness for a cause are more and more in demand making it more cheaper at cost due to competitive manufacturers who provide clients or buyers with reasonable rates and with discounts.

Silicone and rubber wristbands are very comfortable to wear as well as very stylish to look at. These wristbands are famous in colored theme, like pink wristbands are used to fund breast cancer charities; green wristbands to show support for the armed forces; red wristbands are used to raise money for tsunami victims; white wristbands represent global fight to end poverty; blue wristbands are used to support prevention and fight against child abuse, colon cancer, anti-bullying, prostate cancer, arthritis, animal rights, tsunami victims, autism, and so on; teal wristbands are used to support ovarian cancer, sexual assault, gynecological cancer and anxiety disorder and so many more.

There are many styles, designs, printing effects to choose from to personalize your silicone wristbands. Debossed printed wristbands, design are actually recessed down into the surface of the band. Embossed wristbands are the opposite side of debossed. These bands are raised up off the wristbands. Silk-screen printed bands are more stylish and very unique since the printing process requires mold to get the designs in more detailed. Laser engraved wristbands are similar to debossed and embossed printed style but the process is more quicker with the use of new technology making the work more easier at the same time inexpensive as it doesn’t require more labor time to produce


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