Customized Silicone Wristbands

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There is no other ways of achieving the target sales on silicone wristbands than letting the customers design their own wristbands. Customized rubber bracelets are on of the best sellers when it comes to wristbands. Most customers want to create a statement by choosing their own design. By allowing the customers to express themselves freely, manufacturers of silicon wristbands are going beyond their target income yearly. The yield of income created by this customized silicon wristbands is one that any company would always want to maintain. Though silicone wristbands businesses usually yield a high income, it became more achievable when customized silicone wristband was developed.

There are reasons why customers tend to go with the customized silicone wristbands. One of these reasons is the ability of the customized wristbands to be flexible which means that customers can make any design that suits their preferences. The customers are given the free will to crate their own statement or messages to be engraved or printed unto the silicone wristbands. By offering this option, companies have greatly created an impact to the customers making them hooked to divert their medium of expressing their goals, ideas, or views using custom wristbands.

Another reason why most of our population chooses custom silicone wristbands is that the power it gives to individuals, groups or companies to promote their intentions, ideas, principles, and products. Promotion is such an expensive word. There are many tolls you can used to promote products, events, ideas and etc like advertisement in radio, television, broadsheets, magazines, flyers, brochures, billboards and the like. But adopting these options leads you to huge cash outs that add to your expenses thus reducing your income. But if you adopt the use of silicone wristbands, you will not only have an easy access to your target market but also reduce your expenses because of its cheap price. The use of wristbands for promotion have been proven to be cost effective and efficient in penetrating the market because you can have as many pieces as you want without having a significant effect in the incurrence of cost.

Whether personal, professional or busyness reasons, customized silicone wristbands has been the most adopt materials to create awareness on all matters in life.

Silicone Wristbands Effects to the Environment

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It was Frederick Kipping who pioneered in the study of organosilicons – organic compound of silicon and named it silicone right after. Silicones are synthetic compound which are heat resistant and rubber like. Silicones were formed to mainly provide efficiency in sealants, cookware, lubricants, breast implants and adhesive products. These products produced with the used of silicone are part of our daily living. In every compound or materials discovered, the study shall cover the most important aspect which is the effect on the environment. The extent of hazard, if proven to have, is the measurement of continuing to develop it or to stop its progress. Silicone wristbands are not an exemption to the rule. Silicone wristbands effects on the Environment have proven to be minimal due to silicone’s good and useful properties such as: resistance to ozone, UV light and oxygen resulting to worldwide use in automotive and construction industry. Silicones are also low in toxic and chemical reactivity. Silicones have the ability to repel water which means it does not contaminate water systems when accidentally thrown. Silicones are also useful for medical applications wherein direct contact to human body may cause no harms. These are just some of the good qualities of silicone that led to the wide appreciation of silicone wristbands.

Silicone wristbands effects to the Environment are issues with fewer arguments. Because of the effectiveness of silicone properties not to contribute to the environmental problems that we face today, wristbands silicones have been used to promote awareness in the destruction of our mother earth. Silicone wristbands have been widely used to promote the use environment friendly materials. They are also used to encourage the practice of environment friendly household chores such as segregation of biodegradable and non-biodegradable wastes, conserving energy, planting backyard trees and many more.

Silicone bracelets effects on the Environment is not the priority matter that government in every nations focused on achieving their goals in parallel to their mandate because silicone wristbands ability to create great impact helps the government in doing its obligations through using them as tools in promoting their programs. Good programs do not ensure success unless people are aware and participate in the desired implementation. Without the power of the people, any government will not attain its main goal which directly impacts the lives of the people it governs. With the help of silicone wristbands, such programs are easily spread and accepted widely.

Uses of Silicone Wristbands

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Silicone wristbands are usually used to compliment our outfit. They are recognized as one of the popular accessories worn daily. Most of us are unaware about the uses of silicone wristbands. In this missive, the uses of silicone wristbands is given emphasize to create a massive advertence and to give readers ideas on how silicone wristbands can be useful to their existence.

Silicone wristbands were first introduced by Lance Armstrong with the aim to create awareness about cancer and to raise funds for cancer research. Many people supported this program as shown in the millions of pieces sold worldwide. And up to this time people still continue to buy it. Using silicone wristbands for fund raising programs has been very rampant due to its affordability making them easy to dispose. Attaining the target amount is faster because of its fashionable design. But silicone wristbands are not used only to create awareness or to raise funds but also to share ideas and views. By engraving the message you want to impart it is tantamount to telling them those words personally. It is an easy way of communicating to people.

Uses of silicone wristbands also include the support to athletic teams. In basketball silicone wristband is called baler ID. Supporters of various teams are the target market of this one purpose of crafting silicone wristbands. And even in supporting a political figure silicone wristbands are used but they are not being sold but given to the people for free. Candidates for local or national election in different countries use silicone for one main reason - its low and affordable prices. Thousand of pieces with the engraved name of the political figure give a high yield of income for the silicone wristbands manufacturers during the season of elections.

Information, Education, Communication campaign is also one of the uses of silicone wristbands. By engraving the name of projects, purpose and cause of any event in silicone wristbands, you are widely spreading information that people or stakeholders of certain projects need to know. Proponent of any event or projects whether owned by the government or private companies are obliged to inform and educate the stakeholders about the purpose, procedure and benefits of the project. Using silicone wristbands may not be a complete medium of informing the stakeholders but they somehow create awareness of such projects which may be a good start to communicate with the people for the purpose of achieving social acceptability which is an essential tool for the success of any project or business.

These are just few of the many uses of silicone wristbands. But whatever purpose one wants to achieve, silicone wristbands are gaining a reputation of being one of the successful tools in attaining one’s purpose.

Silicone Wristbands in Different Color

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Silicone wristbands can now be made with different colors unlike the first released silicone wristband of Lance Armstrong which comes with yellow color only. Colors of silicone wristband have an effect with the message equipped with it. Choosing the right color for the right statement can add to the success of attaining every purpose of silicone wristband. Color combinations however can come into different combinations depending of one’s perception. Wristbands can have the whole population as its target market which consists of young and adult. For kids, colorful and neon colors attracts their attentions. Since they still cannot take cognizance on the engraved or printed messages, they choose wristbands according to the color. Noticeable colors are attractive to them especially when wristbands have the ability to glow in the dark. Kids when given authority to choose their accessories can grow with confidence and with consistency when it comes to decision making.

Youth on the other hand prefer from lightest colors to medium dark colors. Youth years are a stage where someone tries to experiment in all aspects of life. It is when they develop their personality and choosing their way of expressing themselves includes the colors, styles and the size of every single item in their closet. Youth when choosing silicone wristband colors prefer the weirdest but fascinating design. Most of them would want to be recognized with what they wear as a result they tend to always have the multi colored and eye catching silicone wristband like the flame colors, a combination of red, orange and black. Multi colored silicone wristbands are easily noticed than a single colored which may look so classical. Camouflage silicone wristband is a combination of three or more colors. It is usually used by the armed forces but is seen also with the youth. If not camouflage you can see in their hands silicone wristbands with marbled effects which are a combination of two or more colors. To get a closer view in their wristband collection, most of them still support the first silicone wristband introduced “Livestrong” yellow wristband.

Older users of silicone bracelets usually prefer dark and single colored. The most colors that capture their taste are blue, brown, black, white and the undying influence of Lance Armstrong’s yellow “Livestrong” silicone wristband. At any stage of life, silicone wristband has been part of our accessories collection since it was first introduced because of its flexibility in style and its ability to be used in various good purposes.

Screen Printed Silicone Wristbands

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Unlike the debossed and embossed silicone wristbands wherein the text message are included in the molding tool, screen printed silicone wristbands are different because the message printed onto the wristbands. It allows you to print logo, miniature or any other design in different color according to your choice. The paints used are carefully chosen not to wear off when used. Manufacturers usually use silicone based paints to ensure durability of the color printed unto the wristband. The great diversity about screen printed silicone wristbands is that you can combine five or more color in one wristband design.

In designing your screen printed silicone wristbands, it is very possible to highlight some details of the picture, logo or text message printed unto the wristbands. Your own design can be captured exactly as you would want it to because of the unlimited color combination that can be printed in the silicone wristbands. Many companies and groups find it as one of the perfect giveaways. By adopting the screen printed design memories, events, phrases will be able to stay in the minds of the people.

The price associated with screen printed silicone wristbands is relatively cheap ranging from $0.40 to $1.40 depending on the quantity of orders. If you order 5,000 pieces or above you will only have to pay $0.40 per piece. The minimum number of pieces that you are allowed to order is 100 which will cost you $1.40 per piece. Delivery of the 5,000 pieces or above may take about 10 business days while if you ordered only 100 pieces or above but not exceeding 999 you will expect your printed silicone wristbands to be delivered within 5 days from the date of order. Most manufacturers take orders through phone or through the net so you will have to browse your net or ask your friends which manufacturer are near to you and can deliver on time. When you have already chosen your contractor you should give them the specs of the printed silicone wristbands that you want to. To avoid misunderstanding or conflict before you call them make sure that you have already decided with the design and the quantity. To arrive at exact design and amount guarantees an efficient output.

Cheap Silicone Wristbands

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It was Lance Armstrong who started the silicone wristbands craze when he released the yellow “Livestrong” wristbands. Many people have been wearing silicone wristbands since then. It became one of the accessories that people wear everyday. However the look and design of silicone wristbands have evolved into more acceptable to our time today. People are now given a chance to design their own silicone wristbands. And the price of silicone wristbands has become affordable making it very popular and most sough after accessory. The demand for cheap silicone wristbands have dramatically grown. And due to this demand the competition for cheap silicone wristbands became higher too. There are many manufacturers that offer silicone wristbands at the lowest price.

Cheap silicone wristbands became one of the best seller accessories because of its much usage like raising awareness on governmental, environmental and other issues. It can be even used to raising funds for a certain purpose. It can even help in promoting a business or introducing a new product. Or it can be used to campaign for a certain political icon. Using it as giveaway during Christmas and Anniversaries is also one of its good uses. And now couple can use it as part of the souvenirs distributed to the guests, making it a new and an extremely unique token that any couple can think of.

There are many types of silicone wristbands like embossed silicone wristband, debossed silicone wristband, laser engraved silicone wristband, embellished silicone wristband, screen printed silicone wristbands, color filled silicone wristband, blank silicone wristband, custom wristbands and etc. You can choose one or all of these types in fulfilling your goals and endeavor. Expressing oneself can be easy now using silicone wristband. You can express your thought by just printing your desired phrases into the wristbands which may create a big awareness on a particular issue you are very eager to share. You can attain your aspiration of penetrating the minds of the people by adopting the use of cheap silicone wristband. You do not need to spend too much in attaining your dream of sharing your concerns, ambitions and personal views.

Laser Engraved Silicone Wristbands

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Silicone Wristbands may come into laser engraved printing. Laser engraved silicone wristbands is the cheapest among the types of wristbands. This is applicable to short notice orders because of its faster way of printing. Manufacturers usually use blank mold that speeds up production. Products using laser engraved can be as good as debossed silicone wristbands. Orders can be made for bulk for as low as $.32 to $20 depending on the quality, color combination and thickness. For better result, manufacturers recommend that the text must not exceed 25 characters.

Manufacturers produce the silicone wristbands in blank ready to be engraved. Customers can submit their orders on line or on personal with complete details of the desired wristbands like colors, size, thickness and the text to be engraved. After both parties (the manufacturer and the customer) arrived into agreement, blank wristbands will then be prepared for engraving with the customer’s desired text. The customized message will be printed using laser engraving machine where a program can be set to print exactly what has been specified by the customer. Usual turnaround time is from 10 to 20 days after placing the order.

Because of the ability of the laser engraved message to glow in the dark they seemed to be more attractive than other types of silicone wristbands. As a result many would resort to laser engraved wristbands. It is not only cheaper but the laser printing can last for many years making the silicone wristband itself last for many years too.

Fundraising programs normally use laser engraved silicone bracelets in reaching its goal because of its cheaper cost compared to other tools used for fundraising. Silicone wristbands manufacturers have their own cheaper packages for fundraising activities. For comparison of the packages you may inquire to various manufacturers for you to pick the best that meets your expectations. Most of these designs are multi colored making it so popular and most sought after by almost 40% of the customers. The appealing look of the laser engraved silicone wristbands is one that cannot be overlooked. Seemingly, the engraved message magnetism effect has built a reputation of good quality and durability that can last for years which are very essential to any product to create loyalty from customers.

Embossed Silicone Wristbands

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Another type of silicone wristband is made with embossed characters. Mold is created that resembles the shape and the size of the wristband. The text message or images is included in the mold which is raised above the silicone wristband surface. The design is to be chosen by the customer. Embossed silicone wristbands can be created in various colors depending on the customer’s choice. The silicone wristband itself and the text message can be made to particularly glow in the dark by combining glow in the dark color in the ingredients and in the molding tool. What is special about this embossed silicone wristbands is that it has unlimited characters. Logos and images can be printed too around the whole wristband.

The price of embossed silicone wristbands is ranging from $0.18 to $1.05 depending on the number of orders. By designing it with different color you may add to your cost $0.05 per piece. And if you want them to glow in the dark you may add another $0.06 per piece. Most manufacturers offer their packages and services on bulk orders. If customers order for less quantity than the required minimum orders, tendency for higher price per piece than what is stated here is inevitable. Quality of the wristband may cause changes in the cost. A good quality of embossed silicon wristbands should be made of 100% silicon with carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. Silicon has been proven to be durable and the most used material in making household products. It is a rubberized material and very resistant to heat.

Some manufacturers of custom wristbands produced their products with citronella oil making them repellant to mosquitoes. This is one of the good qualities of embossed silicone wristbands which make them in demand for various plans and programs implementation of different organizations, companies and even individuals. To come up with the desired quality, design, and quantity of the embossed silicone wristbands, the customer and the manufacturer should simply arrived into an agreement to which ingredients to be used must be stated to make both parties confident with the expected outcome of the production. But be aware that once silicone materials have turned into wristband it will never be recycled.

Debossed Silicone Wristbands

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In making debossed silicone wristbands, equipment with 10,000 psi of pressure is used to press the poured silicone materials to molding tool to print or to stamp the desired graphics, designs and text message. The depth of the imprinted or stamped message, logos or design may vary based on customer’s preference. The phrases, logos, images and other things that customer may want to include in the imprinted details shall be at the customer’s discretion. The debossed silicon wristband can be done in a single or multi color. Glow in the dark feature may also be included in the product to make it useful even at night. Printing of the desired content can be placed in just one corner or all around the wristband just as long as it fits. Not like the embossed silicone wristbands which has unlimited characters, here in debossed silicone wristband the text characters may be limited to what it can only contain. Debossed silicone wristbands cost is ranging from $0.32 to $1.50 depending on the bulk of order. If customer will order for over 1,000 pieces most likely the price is low as $.32 per piece. But if the customer’s order is limited to 100 pieces only the price is high as $1.50 per piece.

Because of our innovative technology there are manufacturers now who use 3d design studio where customers are given a chance to design their own debossed silicone wristband and see how it looks like immediately. By using this equipment customers can try many designs and color combinations until they satisfy their cravings for expressing their ideas, goals and personality. By allowing the customers to create and see their own design, possible rise of erroneous design production and misunderstanding between the customer and the manufacturer is eliminated. Debossed silicone wristbands have become one of the mediums of making a statement. They may be used but not limited to fund raising programs, expressing of support to any organizations or actions, product promotion, health awareness or for medical outreach programs. Reflecting views is also one of the many uses of silicone wristbands. Debossed silicone wristbands looks so fashionable that anyone can wear it everyday.

Silicone wristbands for Fundraising

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Usually, wristbands are used to transmit and expressing ideas, goals, specific products, and groups. However as our world’s changes, so does the use of wristbands. Silicone wristbands can now be used for fundraising purposes. Most groups adopt the use of wristbands in raising fund for their specific goals. When wristbands are labeled for the improvement of church facilities, charity works, and Mother Nature’s restoration, they create a big impact to the buyers that makes them patronize and support such activity. Buyers are aware of the help they are extending by buying silicone wristbands.

But do not forget that the best way of having these fundraiser wristbands widely disposed is making them acceptable. Eye catching and attractive design gives you the possibility of attaining your goal. Letters may come in various colors whether embossed or debossed one. People have different personality. Make your fund raising silicone wristbands appealing as possible. Designing your fund raiser silicone wristbands must coincide with the culture of the areas where you tend to sell these items. There areas in the world where they prefer dark colors and there are areas where they prefer light colors. The engraved phrases or words must be easily understood to erase communication barriers. By engraving the words in language that they are most familiar with, it is tantamount to saying that you expressed the idea clearly.

It is very important that your target market understands the reason why they need to buy these wristbands. By explaining to them personally the purpose of creating such program may encourage them to buy more than what you expect them to buy. But choosing the phrases to be engraved can alone explain why they should buy your items. That way you do not need to go to them personally to explain why such endeavor is created. It will eventually save some of your time.

Engraving the groups or companies’ logo in the fund raising wristbands gives the buyer information that those wristbands are for the disposal of certain company and that they will absolutely opt to buy to the legitimate seller only. Such actions may eradicate the rise of fraud and imitations. Buyers are aware of the help they are extending by buying silicone wristbands with the companies or groups logo and official seal.

Purposes of Silicone Wristbands

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Silicone wristbands are now one of the daily accessories that people wear. Most silicone wristbands are made for the purpose of campaigning for Mother Nature, product endorsement, promoting groups like spiritual, social, charity, entertainment groups like rock band, boy band or single artist, and even political group. Wristbands are also used for fundraising programs by non-profit organization, religious organizations, clubs and other groups. Occasions such as festival, fiestas and etc also adopt wristbands as part of their promotion. Even in promoting businesses, silicone wristbands are very helpful in penetrating their target market. Even activist group use silicone wristbands in spreading their advocacy, it somehow gave them easier ways to invites others to join their group. Wristbands are also used in campaigning for medical and dental outreach programs. Most doctors aim to join such activities as part of their commitment to their chosen field. As a show of gratitude, groups who usually invite them for such programs use wristbands as souvenirs or tokens. Companies also make use of wristbands as part of their giveaways during Christmas to show camaraderie and loyalty to their clients or customers.

In choosing silicone wristbands you can have all the colors you wanted because silicone wristbands come in different colors. There are also personalized silicone wristbands where you can have the phrases, names, word, and design matching the colors you have chosen. But in choosing the colors, design and phrases, it may add some cost. Having the design of your own is worth the cost when it gives you the feeling of confidence with the accessories you wear. But the most chosen design and colors nowadays comes from dark to light colors making them attractive. Most engraved silicone wristbands have the properties of glowing in the dark because of the component used in laser printing.

There are many manufacturers who offer the cheapest silicone wristbands. You can search on the net or you can ask your friends for referrals. They allow negotiations with regards to the design, color, price, quality and even with the delivery. Most manufactures accepts orders by bulk and offers lower cost.

Using silicone wristbands create consciousness to what is currently happening to our world. By these groups or companies mentioned above who use wristbands for their respective purposes somehow lessen people’s ignorance to what has become the major problems and realities in our realm today

Sweet 16 & Wristbands

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Since wristbands are trendy accessory especially for nowadays, another creative usage is for teenagers. These items are such an eye-catcher with its attractive designs, colors & even with the messages embossed in it. It can be used for Sweet16 parties & definitely, it will be a sellout. It can be made from silicone which is water-resistant, flexible, striking & love messages can be engraved in it.

During this stage in life of a teenage girl, she begins to find a romantic feeling towards other guys. So what a great innovation to express such feelings of affection, may it be love or infatuation through silicone wristbands & wear it at school or when you're with your crush.

These stylish bands can be suggested as gifts to your loved ones on any occasion like mother/ father's day, friendship day, valentine's day, and more. Customized your wristbands by either embossing the name of your loved one/ boyfriend/ crush or even some cheesy love quotes, or even your endearment.

By the use of these silicone bracelets, you can easily convey your message or thoughts of affection to your loved ones in an instant. Don't hesitate for this opportunity, simple yet meaningful way of being stylish!

Please visit for more information.

Silicone wristbands for various purposes

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They generally prefer lazer made, color-core, screen printed wristbands to communicate their awareness messages and logos. You would have seen many wristbands with awareness statements during tsunami relief, earthquake issues, the Haiti flood, and the war on terrorism. Many charitable organizations are selling wristbands so that, they can create awareness about that particular cause and raise money for that cause.

Awareness bracelets are the best tool for creating and spreading awareness among people for any particular disease, cause or promotion. These wristbands are designed to support a particular disease like breast cancer, diabetes, cervical cancer, leukemia cancer, and etc. You can get a quality of wristbands which will help you promote your ideas.

If you want those statements to stay for a long time; color-filled bands will be the best choice.

Silicone wristbands are used by various people without any age, taste, color, or national difference and for various purposes. It includes

1. Children and adults
2. Organizations
3. Schools
4. Band members
5. Politicians use them in/for their campaigns
6. Entertainment events
7. Business entrepreneurs are using them to promote their products by distributing wristbands in shopping malls etc
8. Silicone wristbands can be used to promote a brand, name, product, team, motive or idea.

Excellent silicone bracelets for any kind of usage

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Silicone wristbands are very comfortable to wear for the summer and winter weather, personal message or logo can be on the wristband. There are different types of silicone wristbands like debossed, embossed, printed, and interlinked. Debossed wristbands are divided into various types. Some of them are one color, multi colored, glow in the dark, glitter, marbled and camouflage. In debossed wristbands, message is molded so that it goes down into the bands. These types of bands were used for live strong promotion. A new mold is used for each customer. These molds are used to create the message that is designed by the clients. This is made by constructing a mould with your design and pouring the colored liquid silicone into the mould, allowing the silicone to set and then removing the finish

In printed wristbands usually the design is not engraved but printed. Any color can be printed on the band depending on the choice of the customer. The words are printed using silk screening techniques. Printed wristbands do not require a mold to be manufactured. Instead, a template is produced that is used to apply the custom design onto the bracelets. When maximum impact is needed the interlinked silicone wristbands are perfect. Silicone wristbands can be used for fundraising, memorials, military, awareness, religious purpose, sports, Schools, business, corporations, groups and community.

Dj Mac Campbell is a writer for If you're looking for silicone wristbands, you have come to the right place that offers you excellent silicone bracelets for any kind of usage, whether for a product promotion or for fundraising; is the right place.

The Silicone Wristbands Story

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One of the most accepted and simplest ways to promote a business is by means of the silicone bracelets. They are the best and the most cost-effective marketing tool which can be obtained with your company brand name or phrase printed onto them. This can be availed in small or large quantities. No matter whether it is a small organization or a large corporation; the influence for such a promotion is still strong worldwide today, as it is a lucrative marketing tool for businesses of any size. A business and brand can also gain a lot of recognition.

Many firms mostly use mugs, pens, calendars and bumper stickers to promote their products. Nowadays, custom wristbands (or silicone bracelets) became such a trend that it replaced the old favorites. Many realized that these can be an extremely useful promotional product in company’s sales campaign.

To wear silicone wristbands on wrists are now a popular fashion statement among the youths and so this can become the best promotional tool for your business or service. They can display your company's name, logo, slogan, and locality, working hours, services that are offered, and contact details. They can be a long-term possession and it will act as a reminder to the person who is going to have it. These wristbands, aside from being worn as bracelet, can also be turned into key chains. They are extremely effective as promotional products and promotional items because your company name or club logo is constantly within your customer's or prospect's sight. Whether it is worn or used in upon the user's preference

Instead of giving business cards to the customers, give them custom wristbands as an advertising tool. Handing out wristbands at trade shows, trade fairs, open days, business meetings and exhibitions will enhance your company's image, therefore gaining the company respect and loyal customers.

All About Silicone Wristbands

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Silicone wristbands are more commonly seen in schools, churches, or at fundraisers. Commonly seen on the wrists of teenagers, these wristbands are mostly used to support fundraisers, religions, or just simply used to embrace a certain message. Silicone wristbands come in many different colors with many different messages.

These custom rubber bracelets don’t get scratched or torn easily. These bands are not easily affected by heat and nor do they change their physical appearance or shape easily. They are also flexible and can be easily worn by adults and children alike. This is the reason that they have become extremely popular as a fashion accent by so many people.

Nowadays, you can create and personalize your own wristband with your own messages. These bracelets are an effective marketing tool to promote brands, companies, products, and anything that can be offered to the general public.

Nike has even started making silicone wristbands to support and advertise their shoe wear;
these wristbands are getting more and more popular by the day. But, are these wristbands getting more popular for their catchy phrases or advertisements or are they getting more popular for the neat colors as a fashion statement.

Each color is used for certain things; red bands signify the causes such as AIDS, Anti child abuse, mothers against drunk driving and many more. Certain green bracelets have catchy messages to support our troops or other environmental issues or awareness and helping the victims of tsunamis and then certain yellow bracelets are used to support cancer research. Light blue bands are used for creating awareness for women’s rights and also represent awareness campaigns for Parkinson’s disease. Pink rubber bands commonly represent awareness against breast cancer. In which sense most of these colored bracelets are used to support and represent diverse causes and ideals.

Thermal Wristbands

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Thermal Wristbands are usually comes in 10”x 1” standard size. These bands are for single use only. They are also waterproof and made in fan folded stacks of 1,000. They come in variety of colors from neon to solid ones. These bands are working properly in Practical Automation and boca wristband thermal printers. The adhesive feature of these thermal wristbands is designed for maximum strength, non-transferrable and non-tamper.

The die cut pattern ensures shredding of band if tampered with. The use of thermal wristband printer will automatically create pre-number to make sure each band is unique as it is useful for crowd management and control, thus, can provide high security. These pre-numbered wristbands provide ability to monitor crowd with admission and be trail to control and audit ins and outs of crowd. Thermal wristbands function can be customized base on the needs and demands particularly on security events and monitoring.

Plastic wristbands Are Very Useful

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Your browser may not support display of this image. Plastic wristbands are very useful as visual means of identification. These bands are comfortable to wear and durable since it can be reused for longer period of time. Plastic snap is use to strengthen security, plastic snap is use to secure an event for 1-5 day events. Plastic snap wristbands are made of durable bi-laminate, non-stretch, non-tear material which is strong but light to wear. These bands are waterproof and more durable than tyvek adhesive wristbands.

The permanent snap closure feature of this plastic snap wristband is actually an adjustable one to be able to fit any size of wrist. Because of the snap closure, wristband is difficult to tamper with or transfer and hence, to be able to remove it is necessary to cut it off or break the snap making it no longer re-usable.

Plastic wristbands can be as standard, expression and customize. Standard wristbands are the regular plastic bands available in different plain colors. Expression bands are customized and personalized bands. These custom plastic wristbands are available in pre-designed wristbands and you may want to have it personalized on what you need and what theme you want such as x-games, fantasies, heroes, jazz, checkerboard and many more to choose from.

Sweet 16 & Wristbands

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Since wristbands are trendy accessory especially for nowadays, another creative usage is for teenagers. These items are such an eye-catcher with its attractive designs, colors & even with the messages embossed in it. It can be used for Sweet16 parties & definitely, it will be a sellout. It can be made from silicone which is water-resistant, flexible, striking & love messages can be engraved in it.

During this stage in life of a teenage girl, she begins to find a romantic feeling towards other guys. So what a great innovation to express such feelings of affection, may it be love or infatuation through silicone wristbands & wear it at school or when you're with your crush.

These stylish bands can be suggested as gifts to your loved ones on any occasion like mother/ father's day, friendship day, valentine's day, and more. Customized your wristbands by either embossing the name of your loved one/ boyfriend/ crush or even some cheesy love quotes, or even your endearment.

By the use of these silicone bracelets, you can easily convey your message or thoughts of affection to your loved ones in an instant. Don't hesitate for this opportunity, simple yet meaningful way of being stylish!

Tips on Buying Custom Silicone Wristband Bracelets

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Custom wristbands are the perfect trend these days. People are using custom silicone wristbands to raise money for a specific charity, to help raise awareness for their cause or just wearing them for fun. It is very likely that you have seen people wearing wristbands that support tsunami relief, breast cancer research, hurricane relief, and of course the now famous yellow “Live Strong” bracelets.

With so many companies online selling custom bracelets, it can be difficult to search for a good, quality supplier. However, if you just do a little homework, you will be able to spot a good supplier. You need to know what to look for and what questions you can ask suppliers. You also need to know what type of companies to avoid. When doing your research, these are the top 4 questions that you want to be answered:

1. Set up Fee/ Mold Charge- Many companies will charge a set up fee to your first order and this is a standard in the industry. However, look for a company that will waive that fee if you order a second batch of customized bracelets. This set up fee is also commonly referred to as a “mold charge fee” that can range from $200-$500. Some companies do not provide a mold charge fee, but instead will raise their prices. When placing smaller orders, it it advisable to go with a company that has no mold charge but higher prices to save money. However, with large orders it is usually cheaper to go with a company that has a mold charge, because your overall cost will be lower.

2. Shipping Fees - Look for a company with low shipping fees. It will most likely be a company in the countrywhere you live due to high international shipping fees. Many companies resell wristbands from overseas, so make sure your orders are being shipped from your country in order to avoid high shipping charges.

3. Quality - Make sure you order custom wristbands that are made with high quality silicone and not from cheap alternatives. The best way to check this is to ask for a sample before you place any large orders. If they will not send a sample, this should be raised as a red flag.

4. Customization Options - Make sure you find a company that gives you all the options you are looking for, whether it will be the color, design, wristband size or style of printing will vary to fit children and adults.

Take all these factors into account before you purchase personalized wristbands. By getting the answers to these questions before you order, you can assure yourself that you are indeed getting a good deal on your purchase. If you are looking for a company that sells high quality custom silicone wristbands, check out

Personalized Wristbands for Promo

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Personalized wristbands have become an instant trend for sports, promoting products, fund raising purposes, etc. Over the past few years, customizing these wristbands have become widespread, which is great for anyone who is fond of personalizing as such. When it comes to the world of wristband world, it goes down to two materials essential for promotion & fund raising: silicone & cotton. Let's dig deeper into personalized wristbands.

Personalized Silicone Wristbands

Personalized silicone wristbands are primarily used for fund raising purposes. Sometimes, they are also used for promotion. This material is inexpensive that it is accessible for either purposes. School clubs often use silicone wristbands along with other products to help raise money for their activities, like some sort of field trip. There were cases wherein schools may raise funds to support a student who has a health issue. Student members from the clubs will pair up usually first day in the morning, will roam around each class to see anyone who wants to donate. Often times, they give out prizes for the class who donated the most, a pizza party for instance! In this way, you get to see the classes' competition to get much donation & their willingness to help at the same time.

Wristbands for promotion had gone a long way, due to its low cost & high efficiency features to many organizations. Consider your company has a booth rented out for a huge event that will take place in the coming weeks. Most of the things are already planned, but you'll love to introduce a product to those who will attend the event. Good news is, silicone wristbands can be produced within a week, so timing will not be an issue. This way, people will have a souvenir (so to say), but more of a way to get back to your company online. Basically, our clients put the website on the back & a cool logo on the front. What a way for great people to make them remember you & your product!

Personalized Cotton Wristbands

Personalized cotton wristbands have become popular since you can now customize your design on them. Quality embroidery on a personalized wristband is a great sports item for basketball, tennis, & baseball. These wristbands can also have a woven label or a heat printed design. Normally, if your design is less complicated, embroidery is recommended . While for very complex designs, woven label or heat print will do.

Sports Wristbands

Sports wristbands all have one thing in common: they prevent sweat from ruining your game. The job of a cotton wristband is to absorb sweat before it reaches your hands. It's very important because you don't want the ball (or racket) slipping out of your hands during the crucial times of the game.

Custom Cotton Wristbands for Promo

We've seen many organizations using custom wristbands for their promotional campaigns. The reason is simple: they work. If your company is involved with sports or not, it doesn't matter, either way it will work for you. No matter what the nature of your company is, I can almost guarantee that your local basketball team would be delighted if you approached them with free wristbands with your logo embroidered on them. Same goes for the track, football, and tennis teams. The best place to start with this idea is through the athletic director. Tell him your business wants to contribute to the teams by donating these wristbands so long as they wear them during the game. Be a cool sponsor, not a lame one with just a banner!

Producing Custom Wristbands by Modern Equipment

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Customized wristbands are one of the best tools in promoting a certain product or cause & marketing.Its versatility can accommodate almost every field that you would like the wristband to be customized.

Production process of silicone is simple. This type of material is fed into a molding machine in whichthe customized design or message is pressed into its surface. Press printing can also be done by a laserwhich engraves the custom letters into the wristband after silicone bands are produced. However, laserprinting is more expensive than the traditional method of press printing using a molding machine. To make those custom messages or designs more appealing, ink can be added onto the pressed messages for more detailed visual effects.

For bright, readable messages and more visual effects, embossing can be an option. Embossed printingmakes the message or letters elevated on the surface of a wristband. Added visual effects for embossedprint are through swirled bands, blended or segmented colors (usually only 2 colors are involved and are block colors adjacent to one another).

Press printing and embossed band printing are primarily used for letter and art styles. If you are lookingfor a more complicated design to be printed onto the band, it can be done using a silk screen printing process. Printing on this type is through silk screening the artwork onto the flat surface of a blank molded wristband. The results are such similar to your original artworks.

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