Difference between Silicone and Rubber Wrist bands

Posted by dee_el07 on 9:57 PM

There are two popular types of bands that are commonly used to create a wristband. These are silicone and rubber types. Silicone and rubber are both flexible and long lasting material. If we are to compare these bands to a leather one, the leather bracelets wet while silicone and rubber dries off. Or let’s say these materials are waterproof in its character.

Believe me, there are many advantages that we can get from silicone and rubber wristband. To mention those, it is durable that can be wear for a long period of time. Its flexibility feature can actually create into different style of wristband from themed bracelets, personalized wristbands even to attractive designs like glittering effects, multi-colored bands, with imprinted graphics and logos, and glow-in-the-dark effects. People will find it lovely to wear as such is very trendy and fashionable just like an accessories. Its waterproof feature that can be wore anytime of the day. Its light to wear as well since the material is not too bulky to wear at. It’s elastic and can’t be easily broken when someone tend to snatch it from your wrist.

Thus, if you plan to go purchase wristband material for whatever purpose you intend to use, go for silicone and rubber one because of its durability, ability to be customize for a better, attractive look, and goes with the theme you wanted to happen and gives you more options on how to personalize this silicone and rubber wristbands.


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