Features of Leather Wristband

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Wristbands become fashion accessories for all round seasons and occasions. These wristbands are made of different materials like rubber, silicone and leather, with different purposes such as for advertisement, access control or admissions, age verification, promotional, fund raising, show for support cause and beliefs, crowd controls, identification, concerts complementary items and special occasions like birthday, anniversary and so many to mention. These wristbands are used in different places like bars, schools, clubs, hospitals, festivals, holiday events and many more.

One type of wristbands that is not as popular as silicone is called leather wristband. You can only see these bands from specific group of people who called themselves as punks. There are unique features of leather wristbands that differ from the rest. Its color is limited to black, brown, blue, and red. These bands are wide and usually 2 inches in measurement which is not a normal size of a standard band.

Following are the most famous leather bands. Italian wristbands are handmade from genuine leather, look elegant to wear and globally preferred one. Roman Style Wristbands are handcrafted in a fashionable or trendy design with double snaps to fit it. Milan styled is made from stunning designs, very bold and attractive with small studs as the main attraction of the band. Venetian styled wristbands are very innovative since these are made with double up as billfold or wallet. Proto foxi, as the latest leather wristband in trend, is a double wrap band with stunning look as the leather studded with green highlights.

These leather wristbands revolve faster even if it is very historical in nature comes from different ranges. Metal studded leather wristbands are of one the innovation made to its basic leather band. Other leather bands are accentuated with studs in steel cones type; pyramids and even spikes which are often love and wear by people called “punks” as their main accessories and attractions. This type of innovative leather wristbands are also wear by rock stars to symbolize their heavy and strong type of music preferred.


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