Designated Driver’s Wristband

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In an Indiana News, a law enforcement called Operation Pull Over, started couple months ago paying attention to traffic safety for during March Madness encouraging the use of sober drivers in what is a season of celebration to many. With the use of wristbands designated driver, “when people come into our pub and have a wristband, we give free little perks if they’re bringing drinking customers home”, said Rob Kennedy, of Claddagh Irish Pub.

Designated driver’s wristbands help save lives and bring customers to pubs, clubs and bars. The main purpose of this designated driver’s wristbands is to promote awareness about drivers to be sober during celebration season with alcoholic drinking, promote traffic safety, market strategy of the pubs’ owner and helping law enforcement agencies about encouraging people to be a decent driver at all times. By this kind event, designated drivers are given some perks as complimentary to being abiding people. Designated driver must bring a total of friends who are going to be drinking a decent amount of alcohol. The perks bring more customers with more friends, way of promoting the place a good pub to look for, and also maintain the designated driver sober, helping our law enforcement agencies on campaign for traffic safety.

Wristbands Online believes that this campaign keep the drunk drivers out of the roads faster, thus, helping out to continue this campaign throughout the whole year. They expect all the pubs around the US to continue with this same initiative. Think about how people are really got involved into such campaign and awareness, making every individual to be more responsible. Kudos to the pub owner! His initiative in reminding people to be aware about traffic safety and not just because of promoting his pub is indeed a great campaign. It is surprising as well, using a wristband, to promote indeed works well. Wristbands are not just about accessories to look at but also depict safety and awareness.

Wristbands Online has been in business for 20 years and became an online business in 1999. They provide a wide range of wholesale Tyvek wristbands in a variety of types, styles, colors and patterns and customize id wristbands worldwide to events, concerts, big name brands and schools.

Why People Use Wristbands

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Wristbands are encircling strips that can be worn on the wrist. These bands are made of various materials depending on the uses and purposes. Wristbands serve different purposes. People buy or purchase or give away wristbands because they want to get others be aware of their beliefs, want to spread the words, let other people aware of the cause they are supporting for. Some uses wristbands to control access for specific events or activities, control crowd who paid admission to a specific event such as concert or forum. Some uses wristbands as simply accessories or jewelry.

There are wristbands that are made of paper-type called tyvek which are use for security or crowd control. These bands are preferred to use for such specific purpose because of its feature that can’t be tampered, can’t be easily damaged or non-reusable. Such feature fits with the need for high and effective security purposes. Tyvek are also used for events with a lot of activities that deal with water and other rigorous tasks which make the bands more useful since they are water resistant and can’t be easily slip out of the wrist. These paper-typed wristbands are useful for drinking age verification as well. These bands can not tear or stretch thus; it can never be transferred to someone else making it secured from minors who should not be served with alcoholic drinks.

For charity, fundraising, parties like birthdays and concerts, silicone rubber wristbands are use because of the features that these are flexible, durable and can be easily customized to your own desired designs and styles. These wristbands are fit for customizing to your needs say birthdays; wristbands collaborate with the birthday’s theme. These bands are also for fashion accessories such can be designed or personalized to huge ranges of trendy effects, like glitters, glow-in-the-dark, multi-colored bands, can be printed with graphics and logos, with texts and messages. But the common purpose of using these bands by people is to show demonstration of their support for a cause

Let's Bring Out the Message to Thousands of People Using Wristbands

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If your purpose is to convey message to the people around you or you want to spread the words, the easiest and cheapest way to do it is wearing rubber silicone wristbands. These bands can be customized to your own desire the way it can be more attractive and eye-catching.

Because wristbands are highly customizable, the vivid the designs and colors you want to be customize on wristbands, the more you can attract people’s attention. This is the starting point wherein people will be curious about those trendy items and then getting aware about what are you trying to promote for. Thus, rubber silicone wristbands are a good promotional media. Wristbands can be purchased thru online from various online shopping store or manufacturers which offer great deals, discounts and promos particularly when you are purchasing bands in large quantities or bulk orders. The more orders you purchase the great deals you can get from. Thus, the cost of your purchases will be at cheap price or reasonable to your budget. Wristbands can be customized on any particular scene, for schools, fundraisers, promotions, events, and many more. Thus, it is amazing that there are various uses and purposes of rubber silicone bracelets.

Hence, if you are trying to support a cause, to make people aware of it, to have it known to the people around you or in other words, you want to spread the words, beliefs, and faith you are supporting for, you can use this good tool to bring out the message you want to convey.

Advertising and Promotional Media Using Wristbands

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How often do people see your advertisement? Do people always talk about your company, products or brands? Do people often look at your advertisement? Where is the advertisement?

Advertising, in a promising place, it is important to use an effective media or tool. It said to be effective if it is frequently noticed and words or messages are spread easily in place. It should be a 24/7, in-your-face marketing tool. Wristband is one of the most promising promotional tools to be used. Admission wristbands which are used for tracking attendance or verifying admission fee paid by customers is guaranteed way to reach your customers and increases view rates. Use of full color customization can attracts lot of people, so you may opt to customized wristbands. This customization is ideal design to use for wristbands’ purposes for security, advertising and sponsorship.

There are numerous and various wristband styles, sizes and materials available which cost various depending on the styles and how you would like it to look surprising. Wristbands are made of different materials like tyvek, plastic and vinyl bands. Companies can cope up with their budget for purchasing wristbands with proper negotiation with the manufacturers. There are a lot of manufacturers that offer great deals, discounts and even catch up with your turnaround since we are in competitive place nowadays, thus, manufacturers find ways to make sure they did satisfy the needs of their clients.

So think about using wristbands to promote your company, brands, products and events. Utilize the use of wristbands to maximize your advertising objectives getting credits and favorable outcomes in return. You are not just making your advertising noticeable and effective; you are also saving your money and effort to deal with other promotional tools that will consume more of your time and may cost you that much.

The Leather Wristband

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It is said to be that one of the popular fashion accessories nowadays for the young ones are the wristbands. Wristbands are made of different materials like rubber, silicone and leather. These wristbands serve different purposes not just for fashion statement but also for marketing, promotion, fund raising, crowd control, parties, school vents, concerts, complimentary items, and many more. These wristbands are use in different places and establishments.

Wristbands are made of different materials as mentioned one of those is the leather. Leather wristbands are limited to its popularity and used by specific group of people who called themselves as punks. The unique features of leather wristbands are its color is limited to black, brown, blue and red only. These bands are wide to about 2 inches in measurement which is not the usual size of standard wristband.

There are various styles of leather wristbands. Italian wristbands are handmade from genuine leather, elegant in look when you wear it and mostly preferred by the group of people. Roman style wristbands are handcrafted in trendy design with double snaps to fit it. Milan styled is made of stunning designs, very bold with small studs as the distinct feature. Venetian styled wristbands are very innovative to look at since these are made with double up as billfold or wallet. Proto foxi leather wristbands are made with double wrap band with attractive look as the leather studded with green highlights.

Innovation of leather wristbands revolved faster with different ranges from metal studded leather wristbands, with studs in steel cones type, pyramids and even spikes which are often love by the group of people called punks. Even rock stars are passionate to wear innovative wristbands signify their love for music in heavy and strong type.

Custom Rubber Wristband Fundamentals

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We always often encountered confusion in regards to custom made silicone rubber bracelets and even vendors sometimes mixed debossed with embossed and buyers are not that so sure about the feature of silk-screen printed one. But please don’t get frustrated. Let’s have it clear this time!!!

Embossed bracelets are made with the use of mold to be able to mount up the texts on the surface of the band. This type is higher value upon uniqueness and style. This is the actual opposite of debossed bracelets, manufacture of debossed bracelets; texts are recessed down into the surface of the band.

For laser-engraved wristbands, this type is nearly identical to debossed bands in look and feel. For custom laser-engraved silicone bracelets, we begin with blank bracelet. There is an easy setup program used to allow laser-engraving machine to engrave the custom silicone bracelets to the exact specifications of the message you want to customize. One of the distinct process that differ it from debossed bracelets, custom laser-engraved wristbands do not require mold to produce it. These bands are cheaper and turnaround of production is quicker than debossed and embossed wristbands.

Printed bracelets, they say, the cheapest choice. It starts with blank wristbands and is then silk-screen printed. The industry has seen improvement when it comes to screen printing making it worth the price of paints being used to print that will not crack or flake off from the silicone bracelets. Although, cheap paints used are not the main reason, to make your printed bracelets last long better yet purchase the good and quality silicone bracelets from a good bracelet vendor or company. Template is used on this type and not a mold. Printed bracelets are less expensive with speed turnaround time than debossed and embossed wristbands.

So what is the best choice when selecting between debossed, embossed, printed, and laser-engraved custom made silicone bracelets? The answer relies on the matter of your personal preferences, needs and wants.

Personalized Bracelets, Silicone Wristbands, Promotional Items, Souvenirs

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Most of the organizations, groups of people with a common cause or interest, religious groups, school committees, and thousands of other people have come to show their affection to different ways but what was being identified as in demand is by way of personalized bracelets. Most of the wristbands that are being used are made of either rubber or silicone one. It is said to be that these type of bands are easily been customized or make it more personalize in their own needs and wants. These bracelets come into different colors that signify for different things and aspects. Like the most famous of all colored wristbands, the yellow one founded by Lance Armstrong or commonly known as Live Strong wristbands helping out cancer awareness. Most of the bracelets are personalized in printing effect be either inscribed with writings, logos, designed or simply plain colored ones.

The best selling items for most of the companies are the debossed and embossed silicone wristbands since it connotes promotion and are best marketing tool to uplift and make your company known to the rest of the world. There are also other types of wristbands that can be used to promote or simply just give away items. Like slap bracelets and leather wristbands. Silicone wristbands can also be personalized with laser engraving which is the latest way of making wristbands more stylish. But there are various and thousands of designs to choose from.

Many of the manufacturers due to competition and high demand, these bracelets can be purchased in bulk orders and be done in short span to cope with the client’s timeline with discounts and great deals to offer. There are a lot of various online shopping sites which you can also purchase with and with different bands to choose from that will fit your needs. Try to explore any websites which provides great deals to make your gift away, promotional tool, or even items to be used for fund raising cost at reasonable price.

A Look at Fundraising Wristbands

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Wristbands became popular with the primary purpose of raising fund for a certain cause, like the undying fame of yellow colored wristbands by Lance Armstrong. These band used to promote cancer awareness, raised fund to financially support the research of fighting against cancer, and oftentimes became the symbol of every individual, as supporters, to build encourage, faith, strong and motivation to all who are suffering from such dilemma making them stronger and make their life more fulfilling.

People nowadays realized that using silicone wristbands to raise funds, show support for certain cause, or promote awareness for a cause are more and more in demand making it more cheaper at cost due to competitive manufacturers who provide clients or buyers with reasonable rates and with discounts.

Silicone and rubber wristbands are very comfortable to wear as well as very stylish to look at. These wristbands are famous in colored theme, like pink wristbands are used to fund breast cancer charities; green wristbands to show support for the armed forces; red wristbands are used to raise money for tsunami victims; white wristbands represent global fight to end poverty; blue wristbands are used to support prevention and fight against child abuse, colon cancer, anti-bullying, prostate cancer, arthritis, animal rights, tsunami victims, autism, and so on; teal wristbands are used to support ovarian cancer, sexual assault, gynecological cancer and anxiety disorder and so many more.

There are many styles, designs, printing effects to choose from to personalize your silicone wristbands. Debossed printed wristbands, design are actually recessed down into the surface of the band. Embossed wristbands are the opposite side of debossed. These bands are raised up off the wristbands. Silk-screen printed bands are more stylish and very unique since the printing process requires mold to get the designs in more detailed. Laser engraved wristbands are similar to debossed and embossed printed style but the process is more quicker with the use of new technology making the work more easier at the same time inexpensive as it doesn’t require more labor time to produce

Custom Silicone Bracelet Is In Demand

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Wristbands are becoming popular and commonly used by any ages. These bands became famous through yellow wristbands used to promote awareness about cancer and support fight against the dilemma by Lance Armstrong. Nowadays, in every event, activities and parties, wristband is the first thing that comes out of their minds. It is said to be that this wristband is very cool and lovely way to use for gift giving as it is very useful and very fashionable as it can be considered as accessory. It is also a reasonable way of gift giving or marketing tool because of its cheaper price or if you purchase it in bulk orders, great discount deals are given. One of the best known wristbands is the silicone type. Silicone wristbands are very attractive as it can be customized to your own personal needs and wants.

These can be used for different purposes like fund raising activity, promotion, product launch, events, exhibitions, parties, for a cause, support, fashion, concerts, school programs, hospitals and offices, religious band and many more.

People order in bulk for their own purposes and companies who produce these bands are now inclined with new technologies that can produce more bands due to its demand in a short span. There are professional persons who can make your bands the best and unique ones. They can do from embossed, debossed, screen-printed, laser cut, photo bands, and pinnacle bands to various styles and designs. Some can be engraved, in some words are raised on the surface of bands, some are printed, and some are also molded.

People can select or wear a band according to their outfit or apparel as these bands are very trendy which can be used as one of their fashion accessories. Not only ordinary people loved these custom silicone wristbands including sports superstar and celebrities who support a cause or charity.

Competition increases in companies making wristbands. Hence, they are making sure they have the best customer service to offer providing with great satisfaction and attract customer/ client with great deals and discounts making the clients’ options favorable on buying silicone wristbands.

Color-Full Wristbands

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Color-full wristbands are said to be the most popular tool to lead promotions, marketing and fundraising events because of its trendy, cool, and very visual effects. The color-full wristbands are the spectrum of color-coded wristbands and standardizing associated with each color to represent each organizations, cause or charity. These can be produce in different colors and serve a lot of purposes.

Color-full wristbands are very catchy because of its vivid colors and wonderful design, lightweight – comfortable to wear and easy to wear- can be either made of silicone or rubber bands. Color-full wristbands are visible, it stand out from the rest of the crowd, being in different way since it can be in neon or solid colors which strike the eye of individual who sees it. You may choose from wide ranges, basic to elaborate colors.

These color-full wristbands are use to spread the words through custom wristbands with message printed on the band as promotional and marketing tool. These bracelets are 100% silicone made for easy customization. Wristbands with printed, embossed text are more communicative rather than relying on colors as is.

Types of wristbands

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There are a range of wristbands to mention such as: Tyvek wristbands, which are cheap, very light to wear because they look like paper but difficult to damage unless you plan to cut it off, but swear you won’t unless otherwise it is no longer useful for a certain cause. These bands are use for crowd control, great for identification and manage guests. It is made of spun polyethylene that is why it looks like and feels like a paper. These bands are durable and ideal for events which last less than a day of the event or so. These are made of different styles and designs from printed, patterned and bar-coded bands. These are non-transferable as it needs to be tampered or damaged to be able to remove from your wrist, individually numbered, lightweight and detachable tab.

Barcoded wristbands are used for security purposes can either be a tyvek or vinyl wristbands. By printing a unique barcode and number to each band prevent from reusing and use to scan to be able to identify that the one wearing it is authentic to be part of the event or cause. The barcode is used to manage visitors’ access all throughout the event area as well.

Vinyl wristbands are use for a longer period since it can last long and comfortable to wear. These bands are available in wide face or “L” shape format. It is more secure one than that of the tyvek wristbands since it features a secure clip which one fastened cannot be opened otherwise needs to be cut off. One of the unique features of these bands is its adjustable strap. Vinyl wristbands can be printed, pre-numbered and bar-coded as well.

Ixtreme wristbands. These bands are useful for access passes for a big event. High in security feature as it can’t be easily copied or tampered. These can be designed to 3D animation; reverse side printing; custom made shape bands; detachable stub and images can swirl or zoom out of the wristbands.

Silicone wristbands
are commonly and popularly used for fundraising purpose, for promotion, in schools etc because of its cool, trendy and fashionable designs and prints. These bands are easily being customized and personalized to your own cause or whatever purposes you want it to be. These bands are available in different colors and are imprinted in different manner, debossed, embossed and silk-screened one. Can also be customized with glittering and glow in the dark effects.

iData wristband on the other hand provide distinct information such as bar –codes, sequential numbers and have the name of the wearer, use to help prevent payment evasion for certain event

Party wristbands and its uses

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Party Wristbands , as its name implied, these are used for parties either for crowd control or gift away. These party wristbands feature trendy look that can be associated as fashion accessories. One of the uses of party wristbands is that this can be given away in the parties for conveying you’re thankful and gratitude to those attendees who make the events successful and went through as it should be. Party wristbands are very useful for occasions like birthday parties, dance parties, concert party events and many more.

Party wristbands are commonly used in birthday parties as souvenir to those who attended. These bands are used as it can be personalized based on birthday party theme making it more creative, elaborate and unique. Most parents are looking for the best give away that can be created to make sure it is something that will be kept for long and make it as memorable as it could be. Thus, if parents opt to purchase for party wristbands in custom, their decision is worthy. Simply because, we need to elaborate the party as something a kid can treasure and he/she won’t ever forget that he/she had the great birthday party ever.

Although, for first birthday party, baby won’t bear much appreciation on her occasion, thus, simplicity is much necessary. It would be simple, cool and trendy if the party does include wearing party bracelets as it connotes extreme joy to the celebrant noticing that he/she is wearing something different today.

For VIP band party, wristbands are use as visible, non-transferable wrist tickets which should be worn by your invited guests. Party wristbands on this event can be associated as pass/admission for the event, for special access, or for pre-paid drinks and the like. These bands are also useful as identifier for those minors to avoid serving alcoholic drinks during the event.

Difference between Silicone and Rubber Wrist bands

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There are two popular types of bands that are commonly used to create a wristband. These are silicone and rubber types. Silicone and rubber are both flexible and long lasting material. If we are to compare these bands to a leather one, the leather bracelets wet while silicone and rubber dries off. Or let’s say these materials are waterproof in its character.

Believe me, there are many advantages that we can get from silicone and rubber wristband. To mention those, it is durable that can be wear for a long period of time. Its flexibility feature can actually create into different style of wristband from themed bracelets, personalized wristbands even to attractive designs like glittering effects, multi-colored bands, with imprinted graphics and logos, and glow-in-the-dark effects. People will find it lovely to wear as such is very trendy and fashionable just like an accessories. Its waterproof feature that can be wore anytime of the day. Its light to wear as well since the material is not too bulky to wear at. It’s elastic and can’t be easily broken when someone tend to snatch it from your wrist.

Thus, if you plan to go purchase wristband material for whatever purpose you intend to use, go for silicone and rubber one because of its durability, ability to be customize for a better, attractive look, and goes with the theme you wanted to happen and gives you more options on how to personalize this silicone and rubber wristbands.

Christian Wristband Can Be Used As a Promotional Tool

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Religious customized wristbands or Christian wristbands are commonly made of silicone type of band which is 100% silicone with features like flexible, strength, reasonably priced and durable. These customized Christian wristbands are great promotional tool to raise money or get funds for religious organizations such as church and at the same time spreading the words of God in a very trendy and unique way. These bands are useful to promote constant awareness among people of their religious needs.

A remarkable example of a Christian wristband is typically with a Christian message, biblical quotes and testaments. Wristbands are use to promote religious messages like the way we evangelize or spread the words of God. Christian rubber bracelets with message imprinted on it are use to sold to people to be able to help the schools who are in need of financial assistance, organizations, children’s, handicapped people and many more aside from it help people to get close to God and be aware of His love, sacrifices, and teachings. Spreading the words of God is our moral duty as a Christian being and thus, by helping in purchasing Christian rubber bracelets, it connotes the symbol of our love for the people in need and affirming to the God’s words. This promotional tool really helps people to serve those who are in need as well as we become close to His presence.

To get this promotional tool more attractive and fashionable, it must be with concrete and proper designs as well as can be with more spiritual figures and graphics.

These wristbands have become very popular worldwide in helping people who are in need by selling out these bands to raise funds and at the same time promoting religious beliefs, practices and ethics. There are few striking messages that can be used to imprint on the bands like “Live Jesus”, “Live Love’ and ‘Live 4 Ever”. “His is risen” – message is very popular for Easter time.

Are Wrist Bands a Solution For Crowd Control?

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Yes, there are number of situations and reasons why wristbands are said to be the solution for crowd control. For instances like in a large event where admission fee are required, control over people who are legitimate to enter such event are being monitored with the use of wristbands to make sure that the ones who entered and attended the event paid the admission. This scheme can help solve any gate crashers and unwanted attendees who take the advantage wrongfully.

In clubs, wristbands are very much helpful to make sure minors are not unlawfully served with alcoholic drinks. Wristbands are used to identify minors so they won’t be allowed to purchase alcohol. Colored wristbands are the best identifier for such club goers’ status, from minors to adults. Say, pink or hot red colored wristbands can be issued to minors and green ones for patrons who are of legal age to be able to purchase alcohol drinks.

Wristbands are actually a great tool for security purposes as well. These bands are use to secure an event that required payment in order to be admitted, are being controlled and monitored properly. In such a way, people who didn’t pay for can’t access the event.

Tyvek band or a great paper type of band is the best kind of wristband material to used on this situation to make sure tampering, or transferring of wristbands are can be easily found out. This type of band are very convenient to the wearers since this is waterproof, light to wear and can’t be easily remove from the wrist unless they damage it in doing so. This band is of reasonable price as well. As such, bulk orders can be a great deal when purchasing it and most often, discounts are given to large orders.

Controlling is indeed a stressful job for large events and it is easy to do this thing if a great tool of crown control is being implemented like the use of wristbands that are easily visible and very durable. This tool can make the job little easier in any situation.

Festival Wristbands

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Festival wristbands are made up of 100% silicone, and are very popular among teenagers. These wristbands have become a unisex fashion accessory. These can be worn by children, adults and youngsters.

Americans celebrate various festivals annually. So if you wear a wristband on the festival day, you will remember the day even after it has gone and feel happy about it. Another occasion is Christmas which is celebrated with great bliss and excitement. If you wear silicone wristbands that has messages like "Keep Christ in Christmas" and "Just Say Merry Christmas" will help you and others to take part in Christmas celebrations.

Halloween is celebrated for one full month. It entails wearing scary costumes, parties and so on. Based on the character you have to wear accessories also, you can wear a wristband with a message to influence others. Even crazy messages like “trick or treat!” can be engraved on these items during these times. These items are great for parties aside from it being an accessory, and people will be delighted in it.

New Year is another occasion wherein wristbands can be used as a reminder for a new year’s resolution. If one has forgotten his/ her promise on losing weight, stop smoking/ drinking, etc. then get a wristband! Just choose your favorite color, phrase such as “Eat less, please!” and type of silicone wristband you like, and order it. What a way to literally not to break your resolution.

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on the 4th Thursday every November. It is usually a family & friends day, then sharing the things you’ve been thankful for the year. Wristbands can come into play as well on this special day by giving your loved ones some silicone wristbands that says “Thank you” or “Thank you God, I’m grateful”, and you bet to see the smiles on their faces.

So whatever the occasion may be, you can have a thing or two on making these simple wristbands a highlight for others.

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Live Strong

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This popular wristband is a yellow silicone gel type that contains the word “Livestrong” was launched in May 2004 as a fund raising project for Lance Armstrong Foundation. The item was developed by Nike and the ad agency Wieden+Kennedy as a means of support to the professional road racing cyclist in his battle against cancer and, of course, for publicity.

These wristbands have become part of the Wear Yellow, Live Strong educational program that aims to raise $25.1 million for cancer research & awareness to educate people about the disease, and also to encourage them to maximize their way of living. These bracelets were sold in 10s, 100s, and 1,200s. In 6 months time, 70 million bracelets worth $1 were already sold!

Yellow is the preferred color for the said wristband, as it was the same color of the jersey worn by the leader of Tour De France, which Armstrong holds an astonishing record 7 consecutive times. The success of this wristband had become the framework for other charities and nonprofit organizations to create their own for fund-raising and awareness campaigns. But still, they can’t even duplicate Livestrong’s success.

By the end of Summer 2004, Livestrong became an instant fashion statement throughout and across United States, especially for sports enthusiasts who are Armstrong followers in Tour De France. Even other fellow cyclists at Tour De France showed support by having these bracelets on. Other endorsers include presidential candidates, news anchors, celebrities like Matt Damon, athletes & even Oprah Winfrey, boosting its sales even more!

On the contrast, some hospitals had to remove Livestrong bracelets from patients who wore them because they resemble the yellow bands stating “Do Not Resuscitate” often used in other medical facilities. It became a hot item in eBay and counterfeits proliferated all over the world!

Floyd Landis, a cyclist who was convicted of doping in Tour De France, was produced with a spoof bracelet by The Onion news parody website that says, “Cheat to Win”.

Although Lance Armstrong is already cancer-free, the Livestrong campaign still lives in the hearts of many people around the world because of the hope it kindles in their hearts as well as the connection to Armstrong that they feel.

The Charitable Fashion Statement

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The fashion tide has just about diverted on the rubber wristband these days, but it is important to look back at these popular wrist accessories because of what they did for charitable causes across the world. The rubber bracelet, though mostly a fashion trend, helped to donate for a cause by just purchasing one and wear it practically all day long, to show your support and bring about awareness.

Rubber wristbands became so popular that just about every organization out there had its own version. So many charity organizations, corporations, people, and causes were represented on the wrists of the population. There were three causes in fact that stood out as the blueprint of wearing these items as a sign of support & fashion at the same time.

Live Strong
This organization was the originator of the rubber silicone wristband. Lance Armstrong, a 7-time Tour De France winner, used wristbands for support during his cancer treatments and for further cancer research. The Live Strong Foundation started the rubber wristband trend but for a good cause. You can still support cancer research by purchasing a wristband on the Live Strong website.

Avon Walk for Breast Cancer
The Avon Breast Cancer wristband can be seen on thousands of breast cancer survivors and women walkers across the nation. They distributed these pink wristbands before sending them off with the runners. You can purchase one of your own by visiting Avon's website proceeds will go to breast cancer research.

Wrist Strong
The Colbert Report (a popular late night program on Comedy Central hosted by Stephen Colbert) capitalized on the wristband that says “Wrist Strong” & was used to spread awareness against Hollywood portrayals of violence done to hands and wrists when Colbert broke his wrist after a tragic accident before taping his show.

The idea of using rubber wristbands, which started through the sport of cycling, lives on through charities and organizations using it to promote their causes. You can find more information about wristbands, their causes, and other sports related accessories at the Sports Bag Blog.

Types of Customized Wristbands

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Wristbands are one of the most up-to-date accessories you will find in the world nowadays. It could be used for a lot of purposes and causes, and having them customized is as easy in a snap. There are retail stores that specialize in producing these types of wristbands, but a better option in purchasing these products is through the internet. Here you will have enough time to choose from what type of material would you like, and from which online store from your country & from other countries as well.

With this in mind, take to think about what type of customized wristbands you want & the price range you’re willing to pay. Once you have these factors set in mind, you can easily plan for the type that will best suit your needs. You will also have the option of having a preview of what these wristbands look in a variety of materials would.

Some of the materials used to create customized wristbands are that of silver, plastic, acrylic, velvet, faux leather and genuine leather. Though plastic & acrylic materials are quite popular, you will find that getting it done from leather will provide it a bit edgy for the custom design you’re choosing. Enhancements or additional designs can be provided to give its distinct appearance.

Now that you’re already aware of how far can a simple wristband can transform into an item of luxury, you may prefer to own something more practical depending on your needs. An example is a wristband made for functions like promotions or charities wherein you can draw attention on the upcoming event via the sight of these items. These items that you’ll find online are made from durable materials like plastic, rubber, silicone and even acrylic.

You will find the sizes for these wristbands are perfect for adults, teen and even children. The colours which can be seen on these wristbands may correspond to a particular type of charity. As you look at these different types of customised wristbands on the internet you will be able to see how they look from the sample displays which can be found on these pages. You will also be able to see the sizes that you can choose from as well as the price each of these items cost.

Once you have seen these online shops & have selected the products you want, next thing to do is to wait for the items to be shipped out at your home, ready for you to wear!

You can visit for more info. on customized wristbands. Here you’ll find more articles & even tips on marketing items, as well as quick quotes form wherein you can simply submit your request & get responses from multiple suppliers regarding the best price and promo items for marketing needs.

Wristbands: An Organizer’s Best Friend

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Whether you’re planning an event for 100 to 10,000 people, wristbands are an invaluable tool to make events run smoothly. Whether you choose Tyvek wristbands, paper wristbands, custom wristbands, plastic wristbands, or vinyl wristbands, using these simple identifiers can alleviate a number of potential unexpected disasters in one’s event. Wristbands are versatile enough to be used as a visual identifier. Here are some examples how you can use wristbands:

Age or height identifier: Wristbands can be used at venues to identify & prevent minors in purchasing alcoholic beverages, and can also be used in amusement parks when there are height restrictions to certain rides. Tyvek wristbands’ advantage of being waterproof is a unique quality, and so can be used for water parks.

Admissions: You can use wristbands to sell day passes for events or amusement parks, to easily identify those who have paid for a pass. Guests will appreciate not having to fumble for tickets. If you are holding a conference that spans several days, you can use wristbands of a specific color each day so that registrars can tell at a glance whether the attendee is registered for a given day's activity.

Child-Parent Protection: Twin wristbands are necessary for situations to identify parents of children. Daycare centers, preschools, and amusement venues for small children need to ensure that a child is securely monitored by an adult who is his/ her parent or guardian.

Group Day Trips: It is important to be able to identify those with your group, whether it's a school field trip or a day trip to a casino. Checking wristbands from time to time ensures that the proper individuals are boarding the accurate busses, and allows the organizer for an easy head count to make sure no one is left behind.

Commemoration: If you're planning Red Ribbon Week at a school, you can issue wristbands to those students who guaranteed to participate, or for people who have committed to a cause or an ideal to self-identify.

Wristbands are made from a number of different materials, such as Tyvek, paper, plastic, and vinyl wristbands. Which material you choose depends upon your budget and the type of event you're planning in accordance with.

Wristbands can be easily customized. Although there are a number of wristbands on the market, you can order custom made wristbands with the name of your company or event. Customized wristbands can also include logos, special texts & designs of your choice.

For more information, please visit

Vinyl Wristband - How it is Different from Paper Tyvek Wrist Bands

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Vinyl, silicone, plastic, and paper type of wristbands are all have the same common uses and purposes as an effective promotional and marketing tool. These bands are popularly used to promote and support causes and help fund money for charitable institutions. Vinyl wristbands as the same as a paper based type of bands use for security purposes are completely functional.
Vinyl wristbands is off the record as one of the choice of material for wristbands to be worn since vinyl wristbands come with a metal fastening which need to use for adjustment over the wrist to securely wear it . Vinyl bracelets need to be snapped into place of wrist to be able to tighten and not be getting off from your wrist unlike silicone bracelet because of its elasticity feature it can be slightly stretched and slipped onto your wrist to fasten while wearing it on the go or in action.

But some says the metal fastener feature of vinyl bracelets look like an added fashionable look into it. The metal feature of vinyl bracelets make it different from the rest of the other type of wristbands.

Tyvek or a good paper based wristbands are primarily used for security or crowd control since the features are light to wear, tampered-free and not easily be worn out. But there are features that make vinyl wristbands a unique type of bands it’s multi-use and single use wristband. Vinyl wristbands can be used for multiple purposes like fund raising (can be worn several times) and for single purpose as tagging system for identification (can be worn once).

Although, vinyl wristbands can’t be used for system or access control since it can be easily tampered and be worn out. Thus, it is not advisable to use it for security purposes. Vinyl wristbands can be easily snapped and slipped out so it is difficult to take it as access control system.
Yet, getting the perfect material that will not cause failure to your purposes, uses, and reasons, wristbands are of great tool and attractive to wear all throughout.

Features of Leather Wristband

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Wristbands become fashion accessories for all round seasons and occasions. These wristbands are made of different materials like rubber, silicone and leather, with different purposes such as for advertisement, access control or admissions, age verification, promotional, fund raising, show for support cause and beliefs, crowd controls, identification, concerts complementary items and special occasions like birthday, anniversary and so many to mention. These wristbands are used in different places like bars, schools, clubs, hospitals, festivals, holiday events and many more.

One type of wristbands that is not as popular as silicone is called leather wristband. You can only see these bands from specific group of people who called themselves as punks. There are unique features of leather wristbands that differ from the rest. Its color is limited to black, brown, blue, and red. These bands are wide and usually 2 inches in measurement which is not a normal size of a standard band.

Following are the most famous leather bands. Italian wristbands are handmade from genuine leather, look elegant to wear and globally preferred one. Roman Style Wristbands are handcrafted in a fashionable or trendy design with double snaps to fit it. Milan styled is made from stunning designs, very bold and attractive with small studs as the main attraction of the band. Venetian styled wristbands are very innovative since these are made with double up as billfold or wallet. Proto foxi, as the latest leather wristband in trend, is a double wrap band with stunning look as the leather studded with green highlights.

These leather wristbands revolve faster even if it is very historical in nature comes from different ranges. Metal studded leather wristbands are of one the innovation made to its basic leather band. Other leather bands are accentuated with studs in steel cones type; pyramids and even spikes which are often love and wear by people called “punks” as their main accessories and attractions. This type of innovative leather wristbands are also wear by rock stars to symbolize their heavy and strong type of music preferred.

Cotton Wristbands

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Because of the popularity of wristbands, most of our market, specifically, those who manufacture sports goods emerged the use of cotton as type of material in producing wristbands. Cotton wristbands are also called sports wristbands because these are specifically made for athletes as it provides extra support on their wrist and facilitate sweat control. These cotton wristbands range from different type of sports that fit its usefulness and lined with terry cloth to provide extra sweat control. Often, these bands are with embroidered logos of companies or brands who endorse the sports activities and events.

For gymnasts, special heavy duty solid 4.5-icnh wristbands are used as these are thicker and longer than regular ones. These are elasticized and provide snug fit that are perfect for gymnasts to wear while in action.

Cotton wristbands are very popular among tennis players as these bands facilitate sweat control and provides better grip on the racket. Cotton swoosh are blended with nylon and spandex to make it durable and easy to wash and wear. Many people prefer to use cotton wristbands as these are very comfortable to use and provide snug fit.

Cotton wristbands are made in different lengths which are made for protection of athletes while playing the game. For gymnast, the length is normally from 4.5 to 5 inches and for tennis player, the length is 3 to 3.5 inches.
These cotton wristbands help in strengthening the wrist of athletes and prevent from harmful circumstances. These bands are recommended as well for exercises such as weight lifting as it serve as supporter of wrist. These wristbands are said to be one of the favorite of sports person and athletes as it provides not just a great help when playing but as well as it make a sporty statement.

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