Designated Driver’s Wristband

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In an Indiana News, a law enforcement called Operation Pull Over, started couple months ago paying attention to traffic safety for during March Madness encouraging the use of sober drivers in what is a season of celebration to many. With the use of wristbands designated driver, “when people come into our pub and have a wristband, we give free little perks if they’re bringing drinking customers home”, said Rob Kennedy, of Claddagh Irish Pub.

Designated driver’s wristbands help save lives and bring customers to pubs, clubs and bars. The main purpose of this designated driver’s wristbands is to promote awareness about drivers to be sober during celebration season with alcoholic drinking, promote traffic safety, market strategy of the pubs’ owner and helping law enforcement agencies about encouraging people to be a decent driver at all times. By this kind event, designated drivers are given some perks as complimentary to being abiding people. Designated driver must bring a total of friends who are going to be drinking a decent amount of alcohol. The perks bring more customers with more friends, way of promoting the place a good pub to look for, and also maintain the designated driver sober, helping our law enforcement agencies on campaign for traffic safety.

Wristbands Online believes that this campaign keep the drunk drivers out of the roads faster, thus, helping out to continue this campaign throughout the whole year. They expect all the pubs around the US to continue with this same initiative. Think about how people are really got involved into such campaign and awareness, making every individual to be more responsible. Kudos to the pub owner! His initiative in reminding people to be aware about traffic safety and not just because of promoting his pub is indeed a great campaign. It is surprising as well, using a wristband, to promote indeed works well. Wristbands are not just about accessories to look at but also depict safety and awareness.

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