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The fashion tide has just about diverted on the rubber wristband these days, but it is important to look back at these popular wrist accessories because of what they did for charitable causes across the world. The rubber bracelet, though mostly a fashion trend, helped to donate for a cause by just purchasing one and wear it practically all day long, to show your support and bring about awareness.

Rubber wristbands became so popular that just about every organization out there had its own version. So many charity organizations, corporations, people, and causes were represented on the wrists of the population. There were three causes in fact that stood out as the blueprint of wearing these items as a sign of support & fashion at the same time.

Live Strong
This organization was the originator of the rubber silicone wristband. Lance Armstrong, a 7-time Tour De France winner, used wristbands for support during his cancer treatments and for further cancer research. The Live Strong Foundation started the rubber wristband trend but for a good cause. You can still support cancer research by purchasing a wristband on the Live Strong website.

Avon Walk for Breast Cancer
The Avon Breast Cancer wristband can be seen on thousands of breast cancer survivors and women walkers across the nation. They distributed these pink wristbands before sending them off with the runners. You can purchase one of your own by visiting Avon's website proceeds will go to breast cancer research.

Wrist Strong
The Colbert Report (a popular late night program on Comedy Central hosted by Stephen Colbert) capitalized on the wristband that says “Wrist Strong” & was used to spread awareness against Hollywood portrayals of violence done to hands and wrists when Colbert broke his wrist after a tragic accident before taping his show.

The idea of using rubber wristbands, which started through the sport of cycling, lives on through charities and organizations using it to promote their causes. You can find more information about wristbands, their causes, and other sports related accessories at the Sports Bag Blog.


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