The Leather Wristband

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It is said to be that one of the popular fashion accessories nowadays for the young ones are the wristbands. Wristbands are made of different materials like rubber, silicone and leather. These wristbands serve different purposes not just for fashion statement but also for marketing, promotion, fund raising, crowd control, parties, school vents, concerts, complimentary items, and many more. These wristbands are use in different places and establishments.

Wristbands are made of different materials as mentioned one of those is the leather. Leather wristbands are limited to its popularity and used by specific group of people who called themselves as punks. The unique features of leather wristbands are its color is limited to black, brown, blue and red only. These bands are wide to about 2 inches in measurement which is not the usual size of standard wristband.

There are various styles of leather wristbands. Italian wristbands are handmade from genuine leather, elegant in look when you wear it and mostly preferred by the group of people. Roman style wristbands are handcrafted in trendy design with double snaps to fit it. Milan styled is made of stunning designs, very bold with small studs as the distinct feature. Venetian styled wristbands are very innovative to look at since these are made with double up as billfold or wallet. Proto foxi leather wristbands are made with double wrap band with attractive look as the leather studded with green highlights.

Innovation of leather wristbands revolved faster with different ranges from metal studded leather wristbands, with studs in steel cones type, pyramids and even spikes which are often love by the group of people called punks. Even rock stars are passionate to wear innovative wristbands signify their love for music in heavy and strong type.


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