Uses And Types of Silicone Wristband

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The magnificent encircling strips worn on the risk made of silicone material have been popularized during the early and mid-2000’s. They are usually worn to indicate the wearer’s interest in supporting a cause or an organization. These fantastic well-made wristbands were commonly used as to promote a product, enhance ones personality, as an art symbol, accessories, as a best fund raising resource etc.

Most people wear these to compliment their outfit and be fashionable. Some wear these for the reason of showing or expressing their support on a candidate running for a position. Yet the most ardent reason why people patronize silicone wristband is because of its inexpensive price. Messages, slogans and creative design can be printed or debossed in your wristbands. There are also varieties of colors available to choose from. There are different types of silicone made wristbands available in the market.

The Screen Printed Silicone Wristbands are the cheapest and most stereotyped of them all. This type of wristband is most commonly used in marketing since they are cheap and quick to manufacture. An accurate stencil is made in order to administer the customer’s design into the wristband. Next is the Debossed Molded Silicon Wristbands. The creative design is pressed down into the wristband in the manner of manufacturing a molder in order to forge the customer’s design.

This type of wristband is actually more expensive than Screen Printed Silicone Wristbands and Laser-Made Silicone Wristbands. Lastly, is the Laser-Made Silicone Wristband. This specific type of wristband is really becoming more popular nowadays. This type of wristband is the same with the Debossed Molded Silicone Wristband. The difference is that a laser machine engraves the custom design exactly into the silicone wristband. Having this particular wristband is not very expensive. It is available in most silicone wristband custom stores.


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