Popular Images for Silicone Wristbands

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Of course all of us would always go to what is popular to go with the trend, so with silicone wristband designs. Believe it or not there are very few images which are usually printed in silicone wristbands. Everyone who wants to create their own silicone wristbands can put anything they wanted like company logos. But in this article, images aside from company logos, which are very in demand, are stated. First in the list is the soccer ball which is usually adored by soccer sports fanatics. Demand for basketball images is paralleled with the demand of soccer ball design. Other sports related images which tagged a great impact on the sales of silicone wristbands are helmets, tennis ball, and badminton.

Animal lovers have their preferences of images like horse. Horse images come in two designs where one depicts the whole body of a horse and the other just capture the head of as horse. To some people horse represents luck and financial stability. A bird like the eagle is also one of the most favored images because it somehow encourages people to soar high. To dream big is to gain big, that’s the cliché’ that goes behind the popularity of this image. To complete the list of animal images that are very in demand, the image of a bee is included. The fancied color for the bee image is the black and yellow colors.

Of course the image of the cross where Jesus was nailed was also included in the list. Some would like it to be color filled to give emphasis on the design. To complete the set of spiritual design an angel image is also part of the most sought after images. These images are used in various programs of the church or religious groups.
The heart shape also compliments the design of silicone bracelets as a whole. This is particularly chosen by most in love. With the heart shape in the silicone wristband, lovers make it as a gift for each other. During anniversaries and during love month, the demand for this image increases.

When someone dies in the family, the symbol of a ribbon is worn by the bereaved family. Some would make it more creative by engraving it in custom wristbands. The symbol shows mourning yet letting go the departed one.


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