A Fundraising Idea to Band Your Community Together Through School Spirit!

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Several years ago, you couldn't leave the house without seeing someone with a yellow wristband. It seemed like 'Live Strong' wristbands, amongst others, were being sold everywhere - 7-Eleven, the local grocery store, sporting goods stores, restaurants- you name it.

After that, it seemed like everyone was creating wristband opportunities for their own causes. Some kids walked around with their entire forearms covered in silicone wristbands supporting various causes. There were wristbands to support research for diseases like autism, diabetes and soldiers fighting overseas, just to name a few.

More currently, you may have seen your classmates sporting those controverisal breast cancer awareness wristbands that had a number of school administrators up in arms (and some students suspended). Seeing as how every other 'good cause' on Earth has looked to fundraising wristbands as a fundraising opportunity, why shouldn't you and your cheerleading squad?

Wristbands are a stylish and affordable way for cheerleaders to raise money and promote school spirit. Here's one method to starting your own wristband campaign that will raise some serious money for your cheerleading squad.

First things first, you need to design a wristband that best shows off your school spirit. Meet with your squad and try to create a few different design concepts. Make sure everyone has input and put the most popular designs to a vote, so the entire squad is in agreement.

Now that you're ready to run with your design, you need to contact an affordable manufacturer, like kulayful.com, Fundraising Bands or Fundraising Wristbands, to name a few. An important note, make sure your design is cost-effective, so your squad can generate as much profit as possible.

Once you receive your wristbands back from the manufacturer (generally two to three weeks after submitting the order) you should be ready to hit the community.

Develop a sales strategy to determine where you and your squad are going to sell the most wristbands. Some great places to start are at school, athletic events, and even local stores. Note, if you're going to sell your wristbands at stores, make sure you have the owners' permission. Also, be sure to carry some wristbands around with you, so you never miss a potential sale.

Don't forget, the squads that get out there and promote their fundraising idea to the community are the ones that will be the most successful. Try some promotion for your wristband campaign. Make sure you have a booth or table set up at sporting events, local businesses, grocery stores and anywhere else your supporters might be. You also might want to consider talking with teachers or your school administrators to see if it's possible to advertise your fundraiser over the PA. Also, consider placing posters or flyers around your own campus, at your local mall or shopping center.

Wristband campaigns are a great way to raise money for your cause and require a very low start-up cost. Manufacturing custom bracelets typically costs around $350 or less, leaving your squad a lot of room to raise some serious funds for your cheerleading squad.


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