Deboss Color-Filled Silicone Wristbands

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One of the best seller styles of silicone wristbands is deboss color filled design. The text message, logo or any picture is printed in deboss style but filled with different colors. It is usually applicable to single colored silicone wristbands. Obviously the text, logo or picture color is different from the color of the silicone wristband itself. The color of the text to be recessed will be assessed if it fits the color of the silicone wristband. For example if the color of the silicone wristband is blue, the most suitable color of the imprinted text or design is yellow. Although white can blend to any color, it is less noticeable when blended with blue. The perfect combination is the blue and yellow colors.

In choosing the colors for deboss color-filled silicone wristbands, you may try to combine colors using your computer to see if the outcome of your desired colors is perfect to the purpose you want to use them. Or you may also try the digital designing machine in the manufacture’s place.

But to perfectly achieve your desired design, you must first determine your target end users. You must not forget too that silicone wristband is used by all generations present in our world today. So it is commendable that you take into consideration all the age level. For kids, the best color combination would be red with a yellow imprinted design or vice versa. You may also try combination of green and white, or other light colors except darker colors which seems to be so dull for them.

For users older than kids like the youth may opt to choose the abstract design. The perfect color combination for them would be the camouflage with a black imprinted text. Most girls would love girly colors like pink with white imprinted text or design. Others would prefer white with a plain black imprinted text.

For older users plain colors like brown and black with a yellow imprinted text are more suitable. Most men prefer single colored than the multi-colored silicone wristbands. And women love colors that near gold with black colored imprinted design.

Deboss color-filled silicone wristbands are not meant to be made with just any color. The exact color combination can create a bigger and wider impact which is more acceptable than those made with inappropriate color combinations. Wrong color combinations are irritating which may lead to public scrutiny.


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