Average Price of Silicone Wristband

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Silicone wristband has evolved into different styles, colours, designs, and usage. Many would have been wondering why silicone wristband is widely used for various purposes like fund raising, product promotion, giveaways, souvenirs, campaign materials etc. Maybe the reason behind is that it is cheaper than other means of doing activities as stated above. Silicone wristband is easier to dispose because of its style wherein it can be used as part of our daily accessories. Aside from these it can also stay for long period of time because of the ability of the silicone to resist water which gave it the capability to resist damage and mold formation.
The average price of silicone wristband is cheap which $0.75. Prices may vary depending on the style and design. Like for example if you choose debossed type of silicone wristbands if you ordered only 100 pieces you are going to pay $1.03 per piece. If you ordered 500 pieces the price is $0.43 per piece but if you ordered 1,000 pieces you will have to pay $0.16 per piece. The same range of prices goes with the embossed type. Most companies offer the same types and services of producing silicone wristband. To give you an idea about the prices of silicone wristband with regards to their style and quantity, look at the table below.

This is based on the data of various companies that manufactures silicone wristbands. If happens that a customer wants to order for more than 10,000 pieces, prices is not included here because manufacturers opt to discuss it with the customer in person. Base on the date above it is obvious that ordering on bulk will cost us lower. Recovering of cost is fast due to the tremendous effect of silicone wristband making it easy to dispose.


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