What Are Wristbands, When Would You Want to Use Them?

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Wristbands are made of paper, rubber, silicone, plastics, tyvek (a good type of paper) which surface is imprinted with messages, graphics, logos or numbers to represent something a bearer would like to promote.

Hospital bracelets are one of the different types of wristbands that is designed and required to use by a patient as identification in order for the in house nursing aids to provide the correct treatment or medication by simply checking the patient’s hospital bracelet. This is very important to avoid wrong medication to a patient.

For entertainment, wristbands are useful for access control or gate passes to be able to identify and control the ins and outs of people in a certain mass events.

In any clubs or bars, wristbands are used to identify age that will allow only those at legal age to be served or can buy alcoholic drinks. Color wristbands are use to code this age identification. Let’s say, for ages below 18 years old, green colored wristbands are provided to wear while for 18 years old and above, blue colored wristbands are given to wear. It is a color coded wristbands that don’t stretch, waterproof type to avoid tampering by cutting them into half to share it to a not legal drinking age one. This is useful as it prevents under legal age from purchasing alcoholic beverages.

Wristbands are used in amusement parks, carnival and country fairs for height restrictions. There are few amusement rides that require specific height and that not all are allowed to if not passed from the requirement. This is done primarily for safety precautions and reasons. Few of the rides are built with seat belts and other restraints that if we allow a person that didn’t passed from the height requirement, these will not work properly and in turn will cause accidents. Type of wristbands to be used on an amusement park must be the same as for clubs or bars to avoid tampering.

Wristbands are use to control access particularly in an event where there is an admission fee required. These wristbands are use to identify people who paid the admission price or had a valid guess invitation to the event. These will eliminate gate crashers and will not cause problems in terms of the available stubs to all valid participants like for food stubs and drink stubs as these are counted compare to the valid guess and people who paid to the event. Dates are printed on the surface of wristbands to ensure that participants attended on the specific dates he paid for.

Wristbands are useful as child protection when there are certain school field trips, day care center or youth group. These will help in head counting easily, make sure children are in the correct bus assigned to them and use to avoid from getting left behind. Wristbands on this event are with pouch to put a paper with the name of a child, any medical problems, and emergency number to contact in case of accident. These wristbands are very much required to use to avoid any crucial things happen just in case. In relation to this, parent child identification – this type of wristband is printed in pairs for both parents and children with an identification number. These wristbands are useful in day care centers, elementary schools, churches and organizations wherein the matched wristbands use to identify that the child is with his legal parents at the end of the activities when it time for picking them. These wristbands are use to match with the correct paired wristbands to ensure the child is picked by his legal parents.

Commemorating certain events, people use arm bands to campaign for their beliefs. This is the inexpensive way to show your beliefs and make a statement.

Hospital bracelets are use to identify patients using colored bands. These bracelets are for medical uses to identify patients who needs critical attention and who can wait for medical treatment.

In relation to child identification, wristbands are use for allergy information for small children who are to young to understand their problems. This is a code for medical alert bracelet when in case severe problems occurred to be easily facilitate treatment and identify necessary caution. This will prevent from endangering a child’s fatal condition.

Young people use wristbands for fashion statement due to its bright colors and customized bands. These wristbands are usually made of leather or rubber as it is re-usable.

Technical tags are used in a high technical customization such as pre-encoded and pre-printed human readable wristbands that are used as passes to museum’s galleries. These wristbands are incorporated with chips or disposable RFID readers to trigger various interactive experiences during the event. They encourage guests to keep this Tech tags as souvenir and use to log in to their own personal websites to extend and explore more of the museum they visited.

Tyvek or high-density polyethylene fiber or synthetic material registered by DuPont Company is one of the many materials used to make wristbands. Tyvek wristbands or paper wristbands are use on admission control to identify customers who paid to enter to the event. Tyvek wristbands are made of a special tamper proof to make it difficult for a person who wants to get a chance to enter into certain event. These wristbands are fit around your wrist and are permanently locked in place with aggressive adhesive to avoid slipped on or off the wrist.

Now that you know the usefulness of wristbands, you can never resist how it is cool and amazing to see that this simple band can actually be a part of a security measurement and identify crucial or fatal information to understand and help every individual.


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