Colored Wristbands

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Wristbands are used to show of support, convey messages and make fashionable statements or bring awareness for every individual. Wristbands are said to be attractive and catchy as these are made from wide range of colors. There are different colors and each of them connotes or demonstrates support for a specific cause or charity.

Colored rubber wristbands are very popular all throughout the world particularly for our teens as these are eye-appealing and tend to use as fashion accessories. Because of the color wristbands, most people who want to show of their support for cause, there are schemes of color that were emerged like red wristbands used to support HIV AIDS awareness and heart disease prevention as well as associated with anti-smoking campaigns and orange wristbands with message “I Will” support Multiple Sclerosis awareness as well as used to support Asperser’s syndrome, lupus and self-harm.

These orange wristbands have been released by American Cancer Society with a saying that “Live free Smoke free” to support anti-smoking drive. Orange wristbands in terms of sports used these with Tennessee UT Basketball team as their unique symbol of the sports group. Green wristbands are used to show support for protecting nature. These green wristbands connote environmental awareness as well as for cancer support and organ donor-ship. The blue wristbands support cystic fibrosis as well as support for domestic violence prevention and child abuse fight campaign. With message “Mind Strong” is used to support Alzheimer for purple wristbands. These bands often connote military or troops support. White wristbands demonstrate support for Christian Living or the right to life campaign as well as anti-racists support. Sometimes, they used back and white wristbands to support anti-racists. Very known to us, the pink wristbands are used to support breast cancer awareness.

The most famous of all for young generation are the holographic wristbands or rainbow colored bands in electric light and with neon colors that glow in the dark. These types of wristbands are used for parties. Including glittered bracelets that extremely shine in the dark when strike by disco lights.


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