Exercise Wristbands

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Wristbands are primarily use as strip encircling the wrist that have been evolved all throughout as perfect identifier, complementary items for concerts, fashion accessories, for medical safety use and access control for entry to special events. Wristbands are also use for sports such as for gymnastics, weight lifting, tennis and boxing. For sports, wristbands are primarily use for safety precautions during sports activity or exercise/ work out.

These exercise wristbands are highly recommended by physiotherapists to wear during weight lifting sessions in the gym or on competitions. Exercise wristbands provide extra wrist support for weight lifters. Wristbands are wrapped tightly before lifting any weights to provide maximum support on the wrist. These exercise wristbands provide not just a support for the wrist but also efficiency towards lifting weights.

These wristbands that are specifically designed for weight lifters have features such as the wrist wraps are cleverly designed wherein there are cuff slips around the wrist for maximum support, with a Velcro to secure the hook and fit tightly around your wrist. These wrist wraps are use to avoid possible injury while lifting weights and also to tighten the wristband to increase lifts.

For thorough stretching exercises and aerobics, normally, the wristbands use here is with extra long wrist band for protection against physical injuries. These exercise bands are made from cotton and terry cloth to absorb sweat. Joggers can use up to 3-inch swooshes made with 70% cotton, 21% nylon and 4% spandex for flexibility of the band while exercising.
These wristbands are very important tool to help protect wrist injury while doing a healthy habit of exercise.


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