How Custom Wristbands Are Made With Modern Production Equipment

Posted by dee_el07 on 2:57 PM

Customized wristbands are best and effective promotional and marketing tool because of its versatility on the needs of a certain market. Versatile in a sense that these custom wristbands can be made of the exact specifications you would like to be done on the surface of the bands.
Production process of silicone is simple. These types of material bands are fed into a molding machine in which the customized design/ message is pressed into the surface of a silicone band. Pressed printing can also be done by a laser engraving the custom letters into the wristband after the silicone bands are produced. Laser printing is more expensive than the most common way of press printing using a molding machine. To make your custom messages or designs more appealing, ink can be added onto the pressed messages for more visual effects.

For bright, legible and more visual effects of wristbands messages, embossing can be an option to attain these effects. Emboss printing is creating message or letters by raising it on the surface of a band. Added visual effects for embossed print are through swirled bands blended colors and segmented colors (not blended colors, usually only 2 colors are involved and are block colors adjacent to one another).

Pressed letters printing and embossed band lettering are primarily used for letters and arts styles but if you are looking for a more complicated designs be printed onto the band, the designs can be done using a silk screen printing process. Printing on this type can be done by silk screening the artwork onto the flat surface of a blank molded wristband. The results are such similar to your original artworks.


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