Useful Tips for Buying Silicone Bracelets

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Silicone bracelets or wristbands are inexpensive accessories which can be purchased in bulk orders to be able to get big discounts making your budget utilized at its minimum. Due to demand and competition, since it’s the latest trend to wear silicone bracelets/wristbands, manufacturers and producers of silicone bracelets produce in large quantities at short span of time coping up with the demand and turnaround of clients/customers. The finished products which we as consumers are buying should be checked for its material, quality and other important controls to be able to get the good quality of silicone bracelets/wristbands. Here are some of the useful tips when buying silicone bracelets.

Check the quality of the bracelets. When ordering in bulk of hundreds or thousands of bracelets, you will not be able to know those bracelets are high in quality or poor ones. The quality can be tested by its texture, signs of any damage on the band and etc. But this procedure is not feasible when your order is very large in quantity. The only recourse you can be sure of its quality you need to buy to a reputable manufacturer who has a good track record with respect to the quality, material and etc of the wristbands.

Check the shape of the bracelets. Round is the normal shape of the bracelet. But if the bracelets shaped like an oval and when they get squeezed, they aren’t round anymore. Thus, the material used for such defect is very poor.

Check the texture of the bracelets. If the surface of the bracelet is too sticky or the texture is too rough or maybe some lumps such bracelets are poor on quality texture. A good texture of silicone bracelet is smooth.

Check the elasticity of the bracelets. Silicone bracelet is elastic like rubber so we sometimes called this bracelet as rubber bracelets. If the bracelets are not elastic and easily snap off, they are poor in quality and these are the factory cuts.

For customized silicone bracelet, check the message on the Bracelet. The text printed/embossed on the silicone bracelets is said to be poor of quality if the result is that the message fade off easily. Such poor embossing or poor imprinting needs to be checked as the ink fades off quickly.

Also, you need to check the manufacturer or supplier before buying from them. For online purchase, the pictures of the bracelets shown online should be checked to ensure that the specifications mentioned are all correct. You have to do a background check on the customer satisfaction record of the manufacturer or supplier to ensure that you are dealing with a good business track record manufacturer or supplier, that they are supplying only quality products, provide 100% customer satisfaction and in business for reasonable time. Make sure they use SRS safe silicone only.


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Thanks for all the information here.There always guidance helpful for whatever you need to buy.So there is a need to understand the market and then jump into least that's what I do all the time.
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Comment by Rosemarie raƱa on March 25, 2013 at 6:50 AM

There are several benefits of buying Silicone Wristbands and custom rubber bracelets. Several foundations, institutions, schools, colleges, non-profit organizations and government offices use these wristbands to promote their cause or to introduce them and can used this for Fundraising Ideas.


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