The Quality Of A Wristband

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Custom wristbands are versatile fashion accessories and valuable marketing tools these days. With a wide variety of options available, they can be made to your exact specifications to reflect support for your cause, announce a message to the world or proclaim a political allegiance.

The production process for the most common type of silicone wristbands is relatively simple. The silicone is fed into a molding machine in which the custom message is debossed (pressed into) the silicone material. Debossed bands also can be made by laser engraving the custom lettering into the wristband after the band is produced and the print is depressed, but this method is less common and more costly. Once produced, the debossed band can be customized further. Ink can be added to the debossed message, producing a brighter, more visible message.

Custom wristbands also can be made by embossing - creating raised letters - on the band, the opposite of the debossed style. For more visual flair, both embossed and debossed bands can be made with colors swirled or segmented into the silicone before the message is imprinted. Swirled bands blend colors together for a striking effect. Segmented colors use block colors adjacent to one another for increased eye catching appeal, but are simpler than the swirled custom wristbands.

Debossed and embossed wristbands both limit the lettering and art styles used on a wristband in particular. For more complex designs, the artwork can be printed using silk screen onto the flat surface of a blank molded wristband. These wristbands can be made with custom colors, fonts or logos as requested.
Direct Wristbands is the industry leader in custom wristbands design and production. The company produces silicone wristbands in a variety of sizes, colors and styles to suit any occasion.


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