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Wristbands are worn on the wrist to enhance personality of a person. The term is used to refer to bracelets like bands of a watch, worn to the cuffs or to the sleeves that cover the wrists. They accentuate the wrist or functional bands worn both men and women.

Silicone wristbands are much in demand today as part of spreading the word for a certain cause or supporters do spread awareness of the cause they believe in. Silicone wristbands came into trend as way of showing support to their cause or charity.

Silicone wristbands’ other type is called web band. It’s an online band that can be purchased via Internet. It’s a surprising one yet a noble act when purchasing it for certain cause. Whenever you purchase web band, the proceeds will directly go to the cause you had chosen to help.

Silicone-colored wristbands are one of the most commonly and popularly used to use for raising funds for awareness purposes. Here are some of the colors that depict different thoughts and ideas. Black connotes mourning on someone’s death; Black/white speaks for anti-racism; dark-blue denotes anti-smoking, anti-child abuse, colon cancer awareness, pro-peace, diabetes cure and catholic relief service; electric-blue cystic fibrosis awareness, anti-drunk driving, organ transplantation, anti-drugs, pro-tolerance, got guts, pro-life, Ford Fan day, and stand strong against wrong day; camouflage support our troops for their brave and heroic acts; light blue is for autism awareness, arthritis awareness, hurricane relief, prostrate cancer awareness and fight hunger/cultivate peace; lavender is for epilepsy awareness; green/blue connotes anti-sectarianism; dark green for better hearing awareness; gold for children’s cancer awareness; light green symbolizes rainforest preservation, pro-ecology, kidney disease awareness, organ donation, ovarian cancer awareness, army support, and genocide ending mission; orange is for self harm awareness, leukemia awareness, and bowel cancer research; pink signifies diabetes awareness, breast cancer awareness, and chronic pain awareness; purple is for animal rescue awareness, asthma awareness, and pancreatic cancer awareness; red- AIDs awareness program, anti-tobacco, labor party, cystic fibrosis band together campaign, love/hope support program; white for chastity/abstinence, innocence and peace; and yellow work safe week, Parkinson’s disease awareness and all cancers day

Isn’t amazing how these simple bands connote various thoughts and ideas that we can support for and add a lot of meaning to our own personality.


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