How Silicone Wristbands Became an Advertising Tool

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It is a highly famous promotional item worn by both children & adults in showing support for a charitable institution or a non profitable organization. It is also called gel bracelets, rubber wristbands, etc.

In early 2000, these bracelets were manufactured from silicone with printed messages and were worn to show support for various charity events and organizations. These bracelets became more popular by the "LIVESTRONG" campaign launched in May 2004 as a fund raiser for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. It became an instant hit that other charities and organizations were inspired to use the same method and use printed and embossed wristbands as a primary advertising medium.

Hundreds of American and Australian charities still utilize silicon bangles in there promotional campaign, with people like David Beckham, Prince Harry and Jeremy Clarkson, all sporting the "Help for Heroes" wristbands. Wristbands are hypoallergenic and are safe, since they were manufactured from 100% allergenic silicone, making them ideal for hospital use and medical facilities.

If your next event would involve wristbands, then there are a few things to consider when designing and ordering them. Are you printing the bands?When printing on a silicone wristband, there are a few guidelines we have to adhere:The maximum height of the print on a standard silicon wristband must be 10mm.or it will start to come off the edges and parts of the text will go faded or missing! Not good for brand awareness. Most manufacturers can print complex logos, fonts and styles on the wristbands.

So if these items are going to cost you, then we might as well make them look awesome, right? There is no extra charge for print amounts, only extra colors will be charged as such.
If you have an artwork/ logo you would like to be printed on the wristband, then company are more than happy to trace, give it a few detailed touch and send you a preview of the final printed wristbands for your convenience! Fonts can also add more attraction to its patrons.

Choose a funky font that will stand out, or let the companies show a few fonts that suit your purpose. If you are not satisfied then the company itself will change the design. Remember, good companies offer free artwork adjustment to all of its clients.

1. Fill your Printed wristbands with as much print as possible its free!
2. Send your logo to the company making the bands so they can add it to the wristband design.
3. Make sure to get a free visual preview before production with unlimited amendment.
4. Choose a funky font to make your Silicone wristbands stand out.
5. Print in any color, choose a strong colour to make your message stick out!
I hope this helps when you choose a promotional wristband for your next promo campaign.

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