Thermal Wristbands

Posted by dee_el07 on 5:21 PM

Thermal Wristbands are usually comes in 10”x 1” standard size. These bands are for single use only. They are also waterproof and made in fan folded stacks of 1,000. They come in variety of colors from neon to solid ones. These bands are working properly in Practical Automation and boca wristband thermal printers. The adhesive feature of these thermal wristbands is designed for maximum strength, non-transferrable and non-tamper.

The die cut pattern ensures shredding of band if tampered with. The use of thermal wristband printer will automatically create pre-number to make sure each band is unique as it is useful for crowd management and control, thus, can provide high security. These pre-numbered wristbands provide ability to monitor crowd with admission and be trail to control and audit ins and outs of crowd. Thermal wristbands function can be customized base on the needs and demands particularly on security events and monitoring.


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