Silicone Wristbands in Different Color

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Silicone wristbands can now be made with different colors unlike the first released silicone wristband of Lance Armstrong which comes with yellow color only. Colors of silicone wristband have an effect with the message equipped with it. Choosing the right color for the right statement can add to the success of attaining every purpose of silicone wristband. Color combinations however can come into different combinations depending of one’s perception. Wristbands can have the whole population as its target market which consists of young and adult. For kids, colorful and neon colors attracts their attentions. Since they still cannot take cognizance on the engraved or printed messages, they choose wristbands according to the color. Noticeable colors are attractive to them especially when wristbands have the ability to glow in the dark. Kids when given authority to choose their accessories can grow with confidence and with consistency when it comes to decision making.

Youth on the other hand prefer from lightest colors to medium dark colors. Youth years are a stage where someone tries to experiment in all aspects of life. It is when they develop their personality and choosing their way of expressing themselves includes the colors, styles and the size of every single item in their closet. Youth when choosing silicone wristband colors prefer the weirdest but fascinating design. Most of them would want to be recognized with what they wear as a result they tend to always have the multi colored and eye catching silicone wristband like the flame colors, a combination of red, orange and black. Multi colored silicone wristbands are easily noticed than a single colored which may look so classical. Camouflage silicone wristband is a combination of three or more colors. It is usually used by the armed forces but is seen also with the youth. If not camouflage you can see in their hands silicone wristbands with marbled effects which are a combination of two or more colors. To get a closer view in their wristband collection, most of them still support the first silicone wristband introduced “Livestrong” yellow wristband.

Older users of silicone bracelets usually prefer dark and single colored. The most colors that capture their taste are blue, brown, black, white and the undying influence of Lance Armstrong’s yellow “Livestrong” silicone wristband. At any stage of life, silicone wristband has been part of our accessories collection since it was first introduced because of its flexibility in style and its ability to be used in various good purposes.


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