Rubber Wristbands - The Charitable Fashion Statement

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Rubber wristbands are used to be fashion accessories nowadays but we need not to forget the origin of these wristbands as it help our people became aware of and inspired. Rubber bracelet is now one of the popular fashion accessories but this helped encourage our youth of nation’s pride and glory. Rubber wristbands are use not just for accessories but as well as to support worthy cause and bring awareness of a certain medical condition fighting for survival.

Because of its popularity, rubber wristbands are now being customized by different organizations to have their own unique symbol of a wristband that represents the charities they are supporting for. If we remember from the past years there are 3 famous wristband wearers that brought epitome of a worthy cause or support group they held. One, the “Live strong”, an organization founded by Lance Armstrong, a cyclist and a cancer survivor, who promotes support for surviving cancer, its treatments and support for funding a cancer research. This organization used a rubber wristband as a start to foster help, support and awareness. As of to date, you can still support this organization by purchasing a wristband via Live Strong website. Next, the Avon walks for breast cancer, its PINK color as the main attraction which widely spread all throughout the nation. Whenever you as people about a pink wristband, they usually comprehend it about breast cancer fights to survive movement or awareness of breast cancer.

This organization distributes pink colored wristbands to all women walkers, runner and cancer survivors walking as one family as full support to the cause. You can also buy your one at Avon’s website even today and margin of the cost will go directly to breast cancer research. The last one of the famous wristband wear is the so called wrist strong. Stephen Colbert, from his Colbert Report, a late night satire program on Comedy Central, used this bracelet to parody other companies on promotions and advertisement. These Wrist strong bracelets are such a example of corporate culture grab to gain profitability over the others.

Whatever kind of wristbands you may opt to purchase and wear, the important purpose of it is not just a fashion accessories but it helps a cause.


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