Custom Rubber Wristbands Are the Ideal Marketing Tools

Posted by dee_el07 on 7:41 AM

Custom rubber wristbands are very effective way of marketing. To name such as for fund raising events of a certain social causes, promotional tool for school clubs and activities and non-profit groups. Live strong wristband is the first and popular wristband by a cyclist Lance Armstrong on promoting cancer research awareness and funding the event by selling wristbands.

These wristbands are said to be an ideal marketing tool since production cost of these is of minimal and profit or margin gain from selling this is often half of the original cost incurred which provides high profit per unit sold. Selling it on per unit is at low which attracts customer to buy more and more. Thus any school, organization can produce wristbands on a minimum or low budget requirement.

How these wristbands attract buyers? There are two strategic promotional ways, the color and the message stated on the surface of a wristband. The color alone symbolizes a specific cause, while the message supports the worth of the cause. These come from inspiring messages to market. Printing of messages can be done in different ways like de-bossed, embossed, or silk screen printing.

One of the excellent marketing strategies is to ask the wearer what is the purpose, representation of a cause that a wearer is supporting for. This will help the wearer spread out the opportunity he or she gets from having a wristband which on the row will help us market it to his/ her families and friends by sharing his/her thoughts to the rest.

No matter what marketing strategies you will create for, custom rubber wristbands are perfect way to support and promote a social cause.


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