Setting the Fashion:Baller Id’s

Posted by dee_el07 on 7:07 AM

What defines who are in and who are not?

SILICONE WRISTBANDS. That is absolutely sure.

Thousands of words have been said about what baller id’s are, how candy-like they can be or how “in” they are right at present, but it is not the question to ask.

What is?

More importantly, it is the battle of the WHY.

Why do we wear them? Why do we spend a little dime for each rubber band? It’s just rubber. Or plastic. Or silicone. But WHY?

It may seem fashionable and all, wear them in colors of rainbows or side on the dark tones but it’s not in how it looks like, how it’s presented that it shows and glows (that is if you have glow-in-the-dark ones) like what I have now.

It’s in what’s the purpose of wearing such rubber plastics, or rubber silicone wrist straps.

Fashion, as in ART, doesn’t only speak in its FORM but also in its CONTENT.

ART is a weapon of war.

War against what?

Against all social illnesses. Against all social injustices. Against all types of discrimination.

Fashion has come to a point that it has to speak with strength.

Silicone wristbands
’ success as a form of protest is widely recognized and patronized not only by those who are directly affected by social abuse but also supported by companies and other affiliate organizations whether it is for charity or for an advert cause.

Why the success of silicone wrist straps, or wrist bands or just a plain rubber band, so-they-say, earned the eyes of the basic mass to move and act for what is right.

As in another point of view now, may this serve as an eye-opener. Think first and analyze the WHY’s before we ACT.

Evaluate your WHY’s to be WISE.

Be Bold. Be Bright.

As you wear your baller id’s now… think.

It’s a weapon of WAR.


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